Netphone – Cheap Android Smartphone from Smart

netphone smart cheap android philippines
netphone smart cheap android philippines

netphone smart cheap android philippines
The Netphone is a smartphone that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than the feature phone. It features multi-touch, multi-tasking, multi-media. And while most smartphones will cost you a fortune, the Netphone won’t. For only P9,900, we’ve made it affordable for more people making it your top-value choice among smartphones.

The Netphone comes with built-in Netphone messenger, a unique chat application that lets you chat with friends on Yahoo Messenger, Facebook chat and Netphone Messenger right from your phone over 3G or wifi. And if you want to send a message that’s just too much for words, the Netphone Messenger sends kisses, hugs and a host of other things. Virtually, of course.


cheap android phone smartThe Android Market features application software titles or apps which help you do things from keeping a schedule, tracking a project’s progress and watching videos to reading books and posting updates to  Facebook, Twitter and other sites.  With nearly 300,000 and growing, the Android Market promises apps for nearly everything. All of them will work on the Netphone and life gets easier.

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