iPad is more used in the Web Internet than iPhones

apple ipad web traffic

apple ipad web traffic

It is not surprising that iPad owners are getting on top in terms of web browsing than the iPhone or any smartphones out there. It is the device usage and size that makes it more comfortable in surfing the web rather than using a computer, laptop or smartphones(iPhone). With its lightweight and just the right screen size. It is the preferable choice than using am iPhone(smartphone) (screen to small) or a computer/laptop(too heavy and bulky).

Tablet ownership continues to be prevalent among young, wealthy males. ComScore found that 54.7% of tablet owners using the web in August were male, and nearly a third were between ages 25 and 34. Almost half were members of households that earned more than $100,000 per year.

And what are tablet owners using their devices for? Nearly 60% are accessing social networking sites and consuming news on their devices. Approximately 25% are reading news on those devices on a near-daily basis.

Shopping is also a popular pastime. In August, 56% of tablet owners looked up product or price information from a specific store, and 54% read customer ratings and reviews. Nearly half of tablet owners actually completed a purchase on the device.

Source: Mashable

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