Samsung Galaxy S III Now Revealed

samsung galaxy s iii launch

samsung galaxy sIII

At last the Samsung Flasgship Mobile the Galaxy S III is now out to the world to see and we have the look on some of its new features and design.

OPERATING SYSTEM : Android (Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0)
SCREEN SIZE: 4.8 inches
CAMERA: 8 megapixels
DIMENSIONS: 5.17 x 2.51 x 0.34 in
WEIGHT: 4.69 oz


Smart Stay

It waits till you’re asleep: so long as you look
at the phone, it maintains a bright display.

This more like the auto sleep function but more real time because it will actually detect your presence (screen, camera, temperature?)

Direct Call

It knows when you want to talk: if you’re messaging
and want to call instead, simply lift your phone to your ear
and it will dial your friend automatically.

Not sure if the motion sensor is the triggering but really, a press of a button is enough (to avoid accident calls )

Smart alert

It knows when you’ve been away from your phone – vibrating
nudge lets you know missed calls or messages.

Not really new perhaps similar to snooozing?

Social Tag

It keeps track of your loved ones: a glance at your
friends’ photos will show you their current SNS status.

Similar to FB photo tags maybe, not really a useful feature for me..

S Voice

It responds to your words: you can tell it to
wake up, answer, even take a photo.

The Siri equivalent to Samsung Galaxy S III, interesting though if it is a boy or a girl… or both??

S Beam

It shares what’s in your heart: place two
GALAXY S IIIs back-to-back and you can transfer
pictures, music, videos, and more.

Similar to other smartphone features, nothing new here.

AllShare Play

It lets you play together: beam your photos, videos – even
the game you’re playing – onto big screen, with your phone
doubling as a controller.

Nice feature if you have a Samsung TV or devices for easy synchronization

samsung galaxy sIII

Buddy Photo share

It shares with everyone instantly: as the phone recognizes your
friends faces, it can share photos with them instantly.

Similar to tagging in Facebook


inspired by nature: the GALAXY S III’s minimal and organic design is
reflected in its smooth and non-linear lines of the device. Its human-centric nature
provides an ergonomic and comfortable experience with enhanced usability.

I thought it was designed using recyclable materials, I wish they release a black version of it.

Pop up play

It lets you do two things at once: watch HD videos
as you email or text.

Seen that in smartphones, I mean how can you focus watching HD videos while texting or sending emails?.

Best Photo

It sees your best side: automatically takes a burst of 8
to make a continuous scene and chooses the best.

No doubt they have very good photos and larger pixels than most smartphones out there.

4.8 HD Super AMOLED

Seeing for real: 4.8 inches of hi-definition display,
true, perfect color with ultrafast response time.

Love to see the enhancement on the screen, may be I can view blu ray like display.

LTE (4G)

Faster download time than current 3G networks.
And it’s only going to get faster and faster.

Really depends upon the network.

This will mostly like operate on the latest Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich.


The new smartphone is a good addition to the Samsung mobile lineup. With new and familiar features, this is another great innovation especially to the growing android users in the market.

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