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ubuntu phone apps
Few days ago, Ubuntu showed its latest innovation or should I say, another OS platform that will seemingly wants to have a share of mobile OS supremacy, over these past years, it has been a battle or monopoly between Android and iOS, even escalated to court hearings and pressing charges against each other in their recent patent court battles. One thing is for sure that they are that popular and most smartphone users currently use these mobile operating system.

Currently we have these mobile operating systems – iOS , Android, Windows 8 and others. Smartphone users are really particular with the platform they use, or how they are convinced by the one selling the product and how they shown by advertisements as well.

One question is that what app will the Ubuntu phone support, the recent Ubuntu phone video in youtube mostly shows the native apps supported (built in apps) which is already available by other mobile platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , etc). The have also their web app which is already available in their PC operating system and boast that linux developers will use almost the same platform in their mobile OS.

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There is just little doubt if it will support that many apps, based in their native PC Ubuntu operating system, they really haven’t adopted to many applications that are currently supported by Windows OS like games, drivers, installers etc. And some of these game manufacturers are not that interested in porting their games and software into Ubuntu or linux in general, in which they will have future trouble in inviting game and app developers into porting their apps into their mobile platforms, in which most smartphone users are using. Yes, the security is great but most users are more interested in what applications it will run and support. And what about their app repository, will there be an Ubuntu Store or similar to that?, there are still many information to know and this will determine the success of the Ubuntu phone.

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The Ubuntu phone will be released in the end of 2013 or early 2014, which is a bit too long with the vast changes in the mobile and smartphone industry and I bet Android and iOS will not sit still and let the newcomers steal the show so this is gonna be an interesting year for mobile applications in general.

So this is gonna be an interesting development for applications and app developers as well, since it is a free OS, I hope they can convince phone manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, etc) to support Ubuntu Mobile in the near future.

Here is the Official Ubuntu Phone pitch.

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