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I have tried various securtiy apps but doesn’t really offer security to the user because of its various functions and permissions allowed by the app. It is never good to upload your password in the web or even in a cloud storage because, you will never know if someone can hack or access this files remotely.

The Pitaka Password wallet offers security in a simple and effective interface that do just what it needs to do without those many options and buttons to choose from that only confuses the users. It offers less permission granted to the device use and never stores in a cloud storage to ensure security within the device.

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By: Sensible Droids by Antonio Lagnada

Pitaka is a highly secure Information Manager available for your Android(TM) devices.

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Safeguard Your Data:
Safeguard your bank info, credit card numbers, web credentials. Keep them protected locally with the highest grade AES 256-bit encryption available. Your data is important: Additional measures are taken to salt data in storage so that it will be even harder to crack.

Pitaka Android App 3

To know more about the app, you can visit their FAQ page

Stay Local Stay Secure:
Don’t take risk with other password managers by synching your data to the cloud where it can be potentially hacked. Data presented to the user are decrypted/encrypted in memory so data stays encrypted in storage.


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