App Review: UMobile Unionbank for Android Mobile Banking

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At long last Unionbank Philippines finally released its mobile banking app for iOS and Android. Though their mobile banking mobile has been present for a long time but for only selected mobile devices and dedicated app for it.


Since this is a banking app, Security is the most important aspect in determining the value of this app and this will be a complete walkthrough from setup to usage and customer experience.

To fully utilize the app you must first register or enroll your mobile device and sim number to their UMobile services o is written in another article, so this is a prerequisite before you can register for the app MPIN (Mobile Pin).

How to Enroll/Apply to Unionbank Philippines UMobile Banking App

After your device is enrolled, you can download the app.



The UI screen actually looks good and really fits the Unionbank theme, at first page, you will be directed to the app activation page, if your device is already registered you can immediately put the mobile number of your enrolled device and press the ‘Get Activation Code‘ button.


Just wait for a few minutes and you will receive your activation code in your mobile device and your temporary MPIN in your email. (You must use your activation code immediately before it will expire in few minutes)


In the case that the activation code has expired, you can resend the request again so no worries.

After that, enter the activation code from the SMS/text message, temporary MPIN from the email and your new MPIN to access the app.

If all details are correct, you can now access the app in the login page using the MPIN you just created. (You will also receive a SMS text message and an email for the confirmation for the app activation. Now you can fully utilize the app.)



So in terms of security and process, it is simple and smooth sailing. (Hopefully they will lessen the site downtime especially during peak hours/days like salary/bonus/pay out days).

PS:That’s all I have in my account XD,huhuhu….


Again, the UI looks great, icons are well created and will be directed the home screen which is composed of the transaction and account options.


– composed of your current balance


Transfer funds (transfer to unionbank or other account)
Buy load: You can buy/transfer load to any mobile anytime anywhere ( It will detect your entered mobile number if Sun, Globe, Smart)
Pay bills: Pay your loan, credit card, phone, internet, utilities,etc and you can also setup auto payment options here


Transferring funds and banking account access has never been this convenient through your mobile device. This a good app for those who are using ATM, Payroll and even EON to check their balance and make banking transactions from time to time anytime and anywhere through their Android and iOS devices.

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