Gametel Bluetooth Controller Now Available in the Philippines

gametel controller

Gametel controller connected to LG Optimus with the gametel app for android (free download). The Gametel control package (right) for 2,490 pesos now available at RC Goldline Stores

Fructel’s Gametel Bluetooth Controller is finally heading to the Philippines. The Gametel Bluetooth controller transforms smartphones and tablets into a portable gaming console.


Playing Super Mario 3 NES in the LG Optimus using SuperGnes emulator for Android (free download) and played using the Gametel Bluetooth Controller

Gametel’s familiar console-style D-pad, quartet of buttons and two shoulder triggers provide responsive physical gameplay when compared to touchscreen controls, opening up an unobstructed viewing area.


Gametel controller demo playing Samurai II Vengence for Android, controls are actually very responsive there seems to be no delay in the response. The clamp holds properly in the device and seems like you are playing in a PSP console.

Gametel is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets running Android 2.1.1 Eclair or later. Apple iPads running iOS 3.2 or later and iPhones supporting iOS 4.0 or later. Gametel connects to the device via Bluetooth, automatically pairing with the device every time it powers on.

The controller’s built-in adjustable spring-loaded clamp allows secure docking of any Android handset (including the Samsung Galaxy S3) or iPhone while sturdy, soft rubber clasps protect handsets from being scratched or damaged. A nine-hour battery life provides more than enough playing time for long journeys and weekly commutes to and from work.

I was first hesitant to mash down the Gametel controller because of its build quality, I feel that it is not that sturdy and the buttons are a bit small for my hands, hopefully they can improve this one in the future, though it gives comfort when you just want to use the real controller rather than a virtual controller just like console controllers ­čÖé


Actual demo by Ilyong Tuanquain and Jim Morris Sarmiento from Moduvi for the Cebu Bloggers and Media held at Parklane Hotel Cebu City, this is the first launching of the Gametel bluetooth controller here in the Philippines.

Along with a current line-up of more than 90 compatible games such as
– No Gravity
– Outfoxed
– Silverfish
– Temple Run
– Super Crossfire HD
– Air Attack HD
– Terra Noctis

Gametel for iOS devices also supports iCADE’s suite of classic retro games with over 100 titles available to download from the Apple App Store.


Ilyong Tuanquain said that it is the 1st Gametel controller out in the market or Gametel 1.

Over 100 compatible games are available to download from the Google Play, including popular titles:

– Cordy
– Sleepy Jack
– Whale trail
– Asphalt 5 HD
– R-Type
– Reckless Getaway
– Reckless Racing
– Samurai II: Vengeance
– Guns’n Glory, Wind-Up Knight,
– Sonice CD
– Zenonia.

More games are being added every day while a full list of compatible Android and iOS can be found at

The next version of Gametel controller or the Gametel 2 will be have a similar form of the PS3 controller , it will have an 6 axis function, same clamp and it will be manufactured in one of the companies/factories in the Mactan Economic Processing Zone or MEPZ in Cebu.

Though number of games are still limited, it is still a good accessory, hopefully could be cheaper (because of build quality), nevertheless a casual/hardcore gamer will still have fun using this controller.

The Gametel Bluetooth controller is now available at RC Goldlines stores in Cebu City at a retail price of only Php 2,490


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