Hands On: Anker® Astro3 10000mAh Review

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I really wanted to have an extra battery pack especially in places where you just can find an outlet to charge your devices (mobile, laptop, tablet, etc). There are also times that smartphones doesn’t bring enough power to last for a day especially in big events where you have to use WIFI, camera, video and SMS at the same time which is really frustating for most techies.

I ordered the Anker when a friend of mine went in the US and brought it through Amazon (Anker is not directly available in the Philippines. I also read lots of good reviews in Amazon to other battery pack so I chose to purchased it.


The package seems ordinary, a cardboard type of package and you can immediately see the battery pack in the plastic see through. The size is pretty protable for me (closely similar to Galaxy SIII or HTC One X, just thicker).

You will be astonished when you see the entire contents, lots of plugs from different devices is provided to satisfy your charging needs and maybe become a walking charger yourself :D.


– USB spiral cable
– DC cable

– Nokia N70
– Micro USB
– Samsung G600
– Samsung G800
– Mini USB
– LG kg800
– Sony Ericsson K750
– Au
– Forma

-6pcs Laptop Plug/tips

– Charger for the battery pack


Just remember to secure the USB spiral cable as it will be the one to connect the plugs into the USB port in the Anker external charger.

Usage is quite straightforward, there are 2 USB slots (one is designed for Samsung tablets and other is for Apple Products), for other devices, you can use either two. Also don’t forget to adjust the voltage 9v – 10v.

Performance is really great, I mean you have almost limitless devices to be charged using this battery pack. I can charge my smartphone and tablet at the same time during in the middle of the event without being near a power outlet, I just put it in my bag secured and just go on with the program or event. I can take it anytime anywhere in my backpack and connect my device and charge it.

Charge capacity is quite decent, though they claimed in the Amazon page that they can full charge a device 3 times before it runs out (I don’t really timed it, the important is that I can use my device until I get home or charge it in an power outlet.)

Overall, it is a decent charger with its quality and worth the money if you are always on the go with your electronic device. Hope they will be availale here in the Philippines, I definitely recommend it.



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