How to Connect Gametel Controller on iPad, iPhone and iPod iOS Device


With the recent launching of Gametel Bluetooth controller in the Philippines. We can now play in our smartphones and tablets using the controller. For the iPad devices (iPad , iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Retina) gaming has never been convenient using Gametel bluetooth controller to play your games similar to a console.

Here are the Steps to connect Gametel controller to your iPad devices.

1. Turn on Gametel controller and activiate it as depicted in the image.


hold the buttons until you see a green blinking light at the bottom of the controller, the you can release after that.

2. Then hold the start button for 3 seconds or until you see a green light (not blinking) at the bottom of the controller. Now, its bluetooth is now turn on and ready to be paired with the iPad device.

3. In your iPad device, switch the bluetooth on while controller is still in a green light in order to detect the gametel controller, then pair/connect it.

Note: if your iPad device has been paired with the gametel controller before, you must remove/forget the connection in the device or turn the Bluetooth connection off and turn on again to avoid problems in pairing.

To switch back to the iOS keyboard (Keyboard will not function if the Gametel Bluetooth is connected or active).


That’s it, your gametel controller is now connected to your iPad device. You can now play games that are iCade compatible for the iPad.

It is also perfect for the snes emulator for iPad (Need to jailbreak iOS device)


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