How to Duplicate Globe Prepaid/Postpaid Sim

Globe duplicate sim nano

Just duplicated old Globe sim to new Globe nano sim

I have this 6 year old Globe sim which is already a vintage one for me and survived the lifetime of a ordinary mobile number.

With all the new release smartphones which required a different type of sim or its form like the micro sim and nano sim which is similar to the ordinary sim pack but smaller in size. Now, old sim pack similar to mine have bigger bronze surface (electronic read) than the new once released, which is why only few would their to cut one, especially to nano sim.

I just found out from a friend of mine that Globe Telecom offers sim duplication for both postpaid and prepaid which is very good service to save and backup your old sim as well as have a duplicate in case anything goes wrong with the old one.

How did I do it? Here are the steps.

Go to any Globe Service Center near you, it’s advisable to go mall branches (chances are they offer that service or they can accommodate it).

Line up in their “Customer Service” window or ask a priority number (not the Cashier).

Just tell the customer service representative to duplicate your Globe prepaid sim and your valid reasons (do the talking).

They will check if there is an available sim and they will check your sim serial number using your mobile phone or you can show the original sim casing (the card form when you bought your sim). Anyways, you can let them check the sim serial number using their mobile 🙂

Pay 40 pesos for the duplicate sim and wait for about 5 to 8 minutes and your duplicate sim is ready. That’s it!

Duplicating Globe sim is much cheaper than cutting sim which is about 70-100 pesos in certain establishments and you got to preserve your original sim and not risk of losing it forever.

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