Official: New BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone Available June 7, 2013 in the Philippines

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The long awaited Blackberry 10 Qwerty Smartphone, the Blackberry Q10 will be officially available in the Philippines this June 7 2013 in the authorized retailers and carriers around the country. From its traditional qwerty keyboard. The Blackberry Q10 will have the largest BlackBerry QWERTY smartphone yet.

Available in two colours, Black and White, the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone combines the power of the BlackBerry 10 platform with a large, re-engineered physical keyboard and stunning touchscreen display

“We are excited to be working with our partners to bring the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone with QWERTY keyboard to customers in the Philippines. The BlackBerry Q10 smartphone offers premium performance, set in BlackBerry’s signature keyboard design, that lets customers take instant action and stay connected to their work and personal networks throughout the day.”

Cameron Vernest, Country Director for the Philippines at BlackBerry

Features that will be available in the Blackberry Q10

BlackBerry® Hub, which brings all your conversations together in one easy to manage place that you can access at any time from any app with a simple “peek”.

BlackBerry® Balance™ technology, which elegantly separates and secures work applications and data from personal content.

BBM™ (BlackBerry® Messenger), which lets you share things with the people that matter to you in an instant. includes voice calling and video chat, and lets you share your screen with another BlackBerry 10 smartphone contact.

I always wanted to try a qwerty mobile phone, and if ever I had a chance, I rather go for the Blackberry Q10, this is a good addition and contrast to the already popular all touchscreen smartphones in the market. With the Blackberry Q10 familiar QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen which will be appreciated both by the traditional qwerty smartphone users as well as touchscreen users.


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