Google Nexus 7 to Amuse You with 10 Coolest Features

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Finally Google also launched its top notch technology packed tablet in the electronic market. It is not wrong to say that Google is targeting much more turnovers from its tablet sales this time. After the huge demand of Google app store, this tab is surely just like the icing on the cake for the tech-savvies. Get an overall glimpse over the new-fangled Google nexus 7 Tablet and letโ€™s discover the 10 best and coolest features that roll the eyeballs! So, just hold your breath!

The Ease of Operations:

Skinned with the most in demand operating platform of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, this handheld device let end-users experience a far better and enhanced operational delight. Improved keyboard with gesture typing facility, you will write messages in a buttery smooth way and without almost zero difficulty. For English people, this feature is not less than bliss as it speeds up the typing process at the same time.

Accelerated Performance:

With the perpetual power flow of NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, this tab is completely capable to load web pages and heavy games in a jiffy! And thence, you can run multiple apps simultaneously. 4-PLUS-1 design of the tab delivers the exact processing speed that you long for along with making the device extremely less power consuming.

Room for All:

With an expandable memory capacity up to 32 GB, this tablet empowers all the buyers to enjoy their favorite media content even on the go! Well initially there were versions 8 GB and 16 GB. Now, it has upgraded to 32GB and 64 GB. Yes, your entire world can be fitted wholly inside such giant rooms of Nexus 7!

The Visual Delight:

Get hooked at the very first sight of it! The 7 inch display is designed to make your gaming experience far more entertaining and engaging. With a dynamic 1280×800 high-resolution power, this tab delivers crystal clear picture quality. Do whatever action you wish to- tilt, poke, tap or prod- the intuitive touch enabled screen will response to your fingers quickly.

Admirable Classy-Sassy Look:

Thin chassis of the tab is again gonna win your heart. Being light in weight, this tab renders the ultimate portability to the end-users that they always cherish for. And yes, the eye-soothing design of the tab will surely kindle some envy in your friends and foes!

The Unfathomed Stamina:

Without the main resource of energy every device is incomplete. So, Google has put the best ever battery inside this gadget with 8 hours support of HD video playback, 300 hours support of standby time and 10 hours support of net browsing all-in-all. Do a plethora of chores without the irritating low battery buzz on your screen only with Nexus 7!

Activity 24/7:

Having a potent processing power, the tablet easily gives a stellar performance on its connectivity front. Take the most out of the Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and stay in touch with your beloved ones all time. No doubt, your social networking profiles will also receive daily updates as an advantage.

Hoards of Apps:

Have fun with every creative Google app! Google Now, Google Chrome, Gmail, Google+ and YouTube apps will keep you up-to-date and thus you can keep pace with this rapid changing world. Whatโ€™s more? Google maps will guide you through the unknown places and will never let you be alone while travelling.

E-books for Book Worms:

Explore the e-book world with the help of this tab and loft your passion for reading. Avid readers will get the unspoiled pleasure in this way for sure. The spectacled nerds will not feel any stress or strain on their eyes by adjusting the font of these online books. Also, you can switch modes from day to night or vice versa for further comfort.

Gaming Thrill in 3D:

Last but not the least; every gaming buffs now will be glad and on the cloud number nine. Google enables superb gaming effects in its Nexus 7 tablet. The captivating blend of sensor technology and 3D visuals, both action and fun filled games will look dazzling smart and full of life. A must try device. Isnโ€™t it?

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