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How to Process User Feedbacks: A Practical Guide for App Developers



User feedbacks for app developers


One of the most important things that influence the level of success your applications will have on the market is their reputation. Most app stores offer a means for customers and visitors to leave messages and ratings of certain applications. In most cases these ratings can be very helpful at getting the word out about your application and convincing others to give it a try as well, so long as what you are selling is actually good. Once in awhile though, some dissatisfied people can come along and tarnish the whole thing with an unwarranted negative rating. This can really put people on the fence about buying your applications, and ultimately interfere in your business flow. So how can you go about dealing with these types of situations? This article aims to inform you about customer feedback and how it can be useful or potentially harmful for your business. Take some time to understand the benefits that you can get from properly analyzing customer feedback on your applications, it can save you a lot of time and trouble down the road and serve to keep everyone happy.

How to deal with various types of feedback

While most users are free to post on an apps review area as they wish, moderation is certainly always present. It’s important to understand that you can report blatantly negative mobile feedback that could potentially harm your business and distract potential customers. If you happen to get a review or post on an application that you are trying to distribute that you feel is wrong and unnecessarily causing trouble for you, be quick to report it for investigation. In some cases moderators can spot these obvious trouble-makers and have their posts removed from your app page promptly. Sometimes it’s not so easy, and you may just have to ignore them altogether. It’s even been seen where certain developers will address the concerns that have come up in their review section directly in the informational area of their application’s page. This is an excellent way to clear up any anxiety or distrust that might come forth from such a situation. Usually people will brush off a few bad reviews, as almost every product has them, but if you start getting consistent poor reviews that point out certain flaws in your product, make sure to address them quickly with an update, otherwise your reputation might begin to slip.

Learn from what your audience tells you

To balance out the good and the bad, you should also understand how reviews can help you with the long term development of your application. The best ways to filter out the serious and constructive reviews is to look for longer, well structured posts made by established members that actually say something about your application. Pay close attention to user feedback, as it can easily be the deciding factor in the success of your products. Most app store formats will even allow you to filter through different criteria found within a review. For instance you might choose to only look at the best reviews that are available. You may also look at the reviews that user’s found most helpful to them. This is an excellent way to pinpoint potential areas that you need to work on regarding your application. Try not to be too attached to the responses that you get from people, keep an objective viewpoint. Some people may come off really offensive in their reviews, and might be very frustrated and wanting to vent that frustration on the creator, but keep your cool and extract the useful information from their review and then carry on. By learning to weed through the useless information and pinpoint the major concerns of your target audience, you can progressively improve your product until it is found to be highly satisfactory.

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How to Setup Chatwing – Tutorial




A Chatwing Tutorial – Embedding

Using a live chat software as a supporting tool for your site is like hitting two birds with one stone. The chatroom can be used to provide customer support and at the same time as a tool to promote your products. Chatwing, a chatting tool that can be embedded into almost any site, is one of the best when it comes to accomplishing that task. And embedding this nifty gadget is very easy.

Here’s a simple guide in embedding this tool into your site.

Registering a Chatwing account

First up is having a Chatwing account. You can acquire one by filling up the registration form found in Chatwing’s homepage. After doing so, check the boxes below the form and click the Register button to complete the registration process. If registration is successful, you will be redirected to the next page.


How to Setup Chatwing

Creating A Chatroom

After having a Chatwing account, you can now make your own chatroom. You can do this the Dashboard page. To do so, just press the Create chatbox button located on top of the said page. This will create a new chatroom and immediately modify it, automatically redirecting you to the Customization page.


Customize the Chatroom

Customizing the chatroom is important as it lets you give it a personalized look fit for your site or your preferences. Other than that, this page gives you access to most of Chatwing’s optional functions. The Customization page is grouped into several tabs, with each having their own specific customization options. As you change the settings in each tab, you need to press the Save buttons below it for your changes to take effect.


To head on for the next step, press the Use button. You can see it on the top part of the customization page along with other buttons.

How to Setup Chatwing

Embedding Page

Choosing how you’ll use the chatroom you have now is done here, in the Embedding page. Since the objective is to set up the chatroom in your site, you need to go with Embedded Options.

How to Setup Chatwing

Embedded Options

Before you embed your chatroom, you need to set its size correctly, in accordance to the preferences of your site. This is important, especially if you don’t want to use too much space for the chatroom or want to make it noticed by your viewers easier. You can change the size by dragging the Height and Width scrollbars. There’s a preview window that will let you see the changes you’ve made.


How to Setup Chatwing
After finalizing the size for your chatbox, look for its Javascript codes below. There should be two groups of them – you need to copy both. Open your site and paste the code where you want it embedded. There are added instructions written on the Embedded Options tab that will help you do so.

How to Setup Chatwing

How to Setup Chatwing

Once you’ve pasted it, save the changes you’ve made on your site and open it again afterwards. The chatroom will be there, right where you want it to be.

How to Setup Chatwing

Note: If Javascript doesn’t work on your site, replace the codes you pasted with the iFrame codes found on the lowest part of the Embedded Options tab to continue using Chatwing.

Using Chatwing

As the Admin, you have complete control over the chatroom. Any nuisances loitering on the chatroom can be kicked out immediately by you. You can have their messages deleted too. This will prevent spammers from exploiting the chatroom and use it to send out spam.

Any viewers who wish to join in the conversation can easily do so using Chatwing’s efficient login methods. Through their social media accounts, they can start chatting inside instantly – there’s no more need to register any account whatsoever. But if they want to join in without their identities discovered, they can do so under the guise of a pseudonym by logging in as Guests.


The chatroom will efficiently handle your chatters with ease, and it will always have room for anyone. And it is constantly improving, features and all. This is so that it will continue to provide the best chatting experience for its users.

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How to Duplicate Globe Prepaid/Postpaid Sim



Globe duplicate sim nano

Just duplicated old Globe sim to new Globe nano sim

I have this 6 year old Globe sim which is already a vintage one for me and survived the lifetime of a ordinary mobile number.

With all the new release smartphones which required a different type of sim or its form like the micro sim and nano sim which is similar to the ordinary sim pack but smaller in size. Now, old sim pack similar to mine have bigger bronze surface (electronic read) than the new once released, which is why only few would their to cut one, especially to nano sim.

I just found out from a friend of mine that Globe Telecom offers sim duplication for both postpaid and prepaid which is very good service to save and backup your old sim as well as have a duplicate in case anything goes wrong with the old one.

How did I do it? Here are the steps.

Go to any Globe Service Center near you, it’s advisable to go mall branches (chances are they offer that service or they can accommodate it).

Line up in their “Customer Service” window or ask a priority number (not the Cashier).


Just tell the customer service representative to duplicate your Globe prepaid sim and your valid reasons (do the talking).

They will check if there is an available sim and they will check your sim serial number using your mobile phone or you can show the original sim casing (the card form when you bought your sim). Anyways, you can let them check the sim serial number using their mobile 🙂

Pay 40 pesos for the duplicate sim and wait for about 5 to 8 minutes and your duplicate sim is ready. That’s it!

Duplicating Globe sim is much cheaper than cutting sim which is about 70-100 pesos in certain establishments and you got to preserve your original sim and not risk of losing it forever.

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