New BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone Now Available in the Philippines

Blackberry q cebu launch


Finally Blackberry launched its latest qwerty device in the Philippines, the Blackberry Q10. Held a press briefing in Marriott hotel Cebu with the media and bloggers and demonstrated its new features with the Blackberry 10.1 update and the device itself.

Over 50 countries around the world and they’ve been getting big momentum from the clients and customers around the world, this includes a combination of Blackberry fans and users moving on from other platforms

Reasons to switch to Blackberry Q10

– Big Blackberry barkada group
– Qwerty users in the Philippines


With the Blackberry 10 OS, there’s a free upgrade software for Blackberry 10.1 available in the Philippines with new several features to the Blackberry 10 devices. Highlight includes access to more popular applications like skype. The big news today is the Blackberry content.

The Iconic Blackberry Q10, with the physical qwerty keyboard, launch in several countries in the world like UK, sold out after two hours within availability. Within the next 24 hours it became the top selling consumer products in its range. Mr. Kristian Salvo

(Senior Business Manager) Blackberry-q10-cebu-launch-3

Blackberry Q10 also has remote access, you can share and connect to a laptop or an led tv screen. It also has gesture base as an improvement in the latest blackberry OS 10.1, you can easily switch from sms messaging and video which is capable with the 10.1 which is also available in the Blackberry Q10-  Mr. Daniel Do (Senior Manager for Carrier Sales)


The re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry 10 platform offers you a powerful and unique new mobile computing experience that continuously adapts to your needs. Every feature, every gesture, and every detail is designed to keep you moving forward towards your goal, and includes

Improvements such as:

•  BlackBerry® Hub, which brings all your conversations together in one easy to manage place that you can access at any time from any app with a simple “peek”, so you’re always only one swipe away from what matters to you.

BlackBerry® Balance™ technology, which elegantly separates and secures work applications and data from personal content, protecting what’s important to you and the business you work for.

BBM™ (BlackBerry® Messenger), which lets you share things with the people that matter to you in an instant. BBM on BlackBerry 10 smartphones includes voice calling and video chat, and lets you

Blackberry Q10 telling price available in Black and white in 31,990 PHP SRP.


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