The Best-Ever Globe Postpaid Plan for the Best-Ever Dad Fathers Day

Yourbest everDaddeservesonlythebest everpostpaidplanfromGlobe

Your best-ever Dad deserves only the best-ever postpaid plan from Globe

He’s your guardian, driver, the man who disciplines you, laughs with you, kisses away your tears, teaches you the many lessons you live by, and sometimes your ‘walking credit card’. These are just some of the many roles your dad plays in your life. To say that he’s your ultimate go-to guy is an understatement.

So this Father’s Day, be his guide as he avails of the most flexible postpaid plan in the country that will let him keep your bonds as solid as ever. With the best-ever Globe MySuperPlan, a postpaid plan that gives subscribers a plan value that is almost twice the value of prepaid load and the full flexibility of choosing consumables, combos, gadgets, and contract periods that best fits one’s needs, budget, and lifestyle – all you have to do is ask yourself: What kind of Dad do I have and what’s the perfect postpaid plan for him? 

Is he a Traditional Dad?

Who says traditional means boring? Everyone loves the Traditional Dad because he’s just like the ones portrayed in family movies: strict but very affectionate. He’s a man of few words, but when he says something, you know very well he means it.

Calls and texts are enough for the Traditional Dad; so long as he knows you’re safe and sound, he doesn’t care that his ancient mobile phone is falling apart. It’s functional, after all, he says. He’s not very techie and is not a fan of social networking sites (at some point he even asked you if Instagram was a junk food), but he likes the family to keep in touch in whatever way possible. He’s budget-conscious, but it doesn’t mean he can stay on prepaid forever.

Since everyone else in the family is on Globe, a Plan 499 suits him well. He can use his P900 monthly consumable to register to call and text combo services to Globe/TM, with a little to spare to get in touch with his pals from other networks. But be prepared, he can call you every so often to know your whereabouts. With a plan value that’s almost double his monthly service fee (MSF), Dad can even get a new smartphone of his choice over the default 24-month contract period.

Is he a Millennium Dad?

He’s our modern version of a dad. He’s at home because home is his source of employment; whether as a graphic artist, a writer, or a businessman. As a homebody, he has more time for household chores, to help your younger siblings on their homework, to listen to your love issues, and to give some of life’s best advices. This type of Dad isn’t confined by gender roles or what tradition says he should be like; he’s cool and loves you unconditionally nevertheless.

That’s why the Millennium Dad needs a mid-range postpaid plan in Plan 999, which will give him a consumable amount of P1,700, enough to get him an unlimited surfing service on his spankin’ new smartphone that’s bundled for free with his plan package.

Since home is his built-in office, his instant mobile internet connection serves him well. From sending an e-mail to his clients, downloading presentations, streaming videos, searching Google, to checking out movie schedules for a family weekend date, his postpaid plan is all worth it.

He can then use the spare plan consumables for calls and texts any way he likes! And that includes calling his parents based in the U.S. to check them out once in awhile. With a 30-month contract; he’ll like the convenience of knowing his hyper-flexible postpaid plan will always be there for him.

Is he a Mogul Dad?

You’re used to his phone ringing, even on weekends, and he’s mastered the art of answering e-mails while listening to you rant about your boss. Even if he’s busy, the Mogul Dad always makes time for you; he works hard, plays hard, and loves you to bits. He is your ultimate role model for the many roles he juggles each day, and he does all of them so well.

That’s why needs a supersized postpaid plan that will keep up with his needs and the many hats he wears. From unlimited mobile surfing, unlimited calls and texts, occasional international calls, a high-end gadget that suits his personality, and a contract period as dynamic as him, his Plan 3799 with a consumable peso value of P6,500 is the one of life’s best-ever choices, including a his preferred 18-month contract period.

Because he’s logical and practical, wean the Mogul Dad off prepaid by showing him the convenience, flexibility, and unbeatable peso value that the best-ever Globe My Super Plans can provide. So stop by a Globe Store with Dad now to learn more about the benefits and exciting features of best-ever MySuperPlan. He’ll want to study it and the many combos and boosters he can use based on his liking, preference, and needs.

Only the best for Dad

“Every dad will find his perfect match in our best-ever MySuperPlan, the next-level postpaid plan with fully-customizable plan components, bigger plan value, and more contract periods to choose from,” says Raul Macatangay, Head of Globe Postpaid. “Now is definitely the best time to go postpaid with the best-ever MySuperPlan’s fully-customizable plan components, bigger plan value, and more contract periods to choose from, where Dads can get the ultimate flexibility in creating a postpaid plan that best fits their needs, lifestyle, and budget.”


Dad’s got to be very flexible because he is many things to many people—but he’ll always be Daddy, Papa, Ama, Father, Popsie, or Itay to you. He’s guided you all your life; now it’s time for you to return the favor by letting him know that the best-ever MySuperPlan is best and perfect for his mobile needs. To know more about the best-ever MySuperPlan, visit or any Globe Store nationwide, or call 730-1010.

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