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On 2011, Samsung unveiled a new technology; a new phone on which you can write your thoughts with an actual digital pen; not a stylus. Writing on a touch screen display with stylus is such a painful job, only those who have tried that would know. But there are often times when you might need to write up stuff on your phone display. What do you do if you don’t have any pen and paper nearby? If you use Samsung Galaxy Note series, you don’t even need to be tensed. Just pull out the S-pen and start writing.

That was the actual scenario Samsung had on their mind when they unveiled Galaxy Note series. Being a costly phone, it wasn’t possible for everyone to buy but those executives who need to take short notes during their business trips, or those creative persons who feel like drawing on the move but don’t want to carry any additional hassle; Samsung Galaxy Note was a blessing to them.

And then the Galaxy Note 2 came out last year with much more impressive interface, better stylus operation and better configuration. Like its predecessor, millions of units were sold throughout the world. The first Galaxy Note was targeted to merge the gap between the phone and tablets, and by the time the third one is on its way, these oversized smartphones are now called phablet. Nevertheless, Samsung set the trend of making oversized smartphones.

‘Note 3’ is hitting the world market on October and on USA on 25th September. Finding a better deal for smartphone is even easier with Samsung. Shopping with Samsung is safe as you get warranty and their goodwill of service ensures quality in every phase. We will bring some Samsung mobile offer price in the ending.

Note 3 – Bigger but Lighter

The new Galaxy Note 3 is now even bigger than its predecessor. It’s now 5.7 inches against the Note 2’s 5.5 inches. The phablet now measures lighter; it’s only 8.3mm thick and weighs only 168g. You will only feel the shape in your pocket, not the weight. Unless you have hulk hands, this phone is not suitable for working on one hand.

And the display fulfills our expectations to the fullest. Like most tablets available in the market, or maybe other oversized phones, you can do everything with your fingertips. It’s not necessary that you need the S-pen for everything but the S-pen gives you a smoother and finer experience, and when you write the S-pen works just like a real pen. Your palm on the screen will be detected and that won’t affect your writing in any way.

And under this diary like display, the powerhouse is a 2.3 GHz processor accompanied by a 3 GB of RAM. Such a powerful phone with a 5.7 inches display could empty a huge battery within hours, and Samsung knew that so they included a 3200 mAh battery in it. You don’t need to worry anymore about running out of juice, just keep doing what you do on your phablet.

The phone now offers faster connectivity as well. For those under LTE coverage, go for the LTE version. Life couldn’t get any faster!

The camera is worth the money. No complaints about both the front and rear cameras.

S Pen and the Stitched Back

The S-pen is like the previous S pens included with the previous notes. And just the moment you pull it off its cubbyhole; you will see the air commands popping up on the display for convenient control. If you still belong to a previous decade and not much used to touch screens, feel free to use the S pen.

The back now looks like stitched leather. Since the executives are the main consumers to this premium phablet, premium looks is important and thus Samsung has done a great job.

Multitasking to the next level?

You will experience a new level of multitasking on Note 3, unlike any previous Samsung device experience. Explore through the options with the S pen and open the apps you want to multitask with.

Take Notes

For students, Note 10.1 is the best deal but for executives, Note 3 is the perfect companion. Take whatever notes you need, whenever you need with your Note 3.

Samsung Mobile Offer Price

Samsung mobiles are very popular in the Indian market; especially the smartphones. To fulfill the increasing demand, Samsung Mobile offers prices that are highly competitive against others and also within different individuals buying capabilities. If your budget is really low, then Galaxy Star is for you, it’s only for 5,090 Rs. Or Galaxy Fame, which sells for 8,450 Rs. and is a good entry level phone. Bumping up the budget a little bit, you can go for a Galaxy Core spending only 13,520 Rs. And if your budget is really high, then buy an S4 Mini for 27,200 Rs. or maybe a Galaxy S4.Best offer for Samsung Mobile prices!

Happy shopping!


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