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OLX Cebu Media Launching with the Cebu Team




OLX Cebu Media Launching (formerly Sulit.comph), the Philippines’ leading buy and sell site, is now in Cebu.

This signifies the successful rebranding of Sulit to become a more convenient platform that will inspire Filipinos to rethink what they know about online selling in the country.

“The brand change is a representation cf our commitment to change how Filipinos perceive online selling. It also reinforces the great feeling of being able to get value from items that are just gathering dust in your home,” said OLX Philippines Managing Director RJ David. encourages Cebuanos to take a second look inside their homes. Their potential wealth might be taking the form of unused handbags, clothes, books, speakers, and appliances all hiding in plain sight.

This, as opens physical offices in key cities outside Metro Manila, starting with Cebu this year, bringing OLX’s mission closer to the Cebuanos.

Cebuanos can earn money from these unused personal items by joining OLX’s Yesss, Yaman! movement and becoming part of the next one million Filipinos selling their secondhand items on

“Filipinos do not have much of a tradition of selling second hand items so that most households end up with a clutter of items that are no longer used. If sold, these can turn into real value, which people can use to buy new things,” David explained. All they need to do is take a photo of the tem that may still be of value to others then post it on They can also use their mobile phones to post an add using the OLX app available for iOS and Android users.

Through the Yesss, Yaman! movement, Cebuanos not only t’,~rn extra cash, they also free more space in their homes and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit.

Advertisement assures Cebuanos that the rebranding is simply a name change. All the things sellers and buyers came to love about Sulit, such as wide variety of listings, free ad posting, and multiple seller ciqoices, will still be reflected on

Netrepreneur Connections Enterprises Inc.

He added that there will be no impact to the sellers and the items they have posted for sale. Even the local management team remains the same Sulit team that has been serving its online users since its launch in 2006. Through the Yesss, Yaman! movement, Cebuanos not only earn e~tra cash, they also free more space in their homes and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit. is the Philippines’ leading buy and sell website that is committed to change how Filipinos perceive online selling and encourage them to join the millions of people around the globe who have already used OLX to sell their things.

RJ and Arianne David founded in September 2006 with a capital of P2,400.00 (Yes, your cellphone is probably 10x more expensive) which they used for the domain name ‘’ and website hosting fees. They initially launched it as an experimental website to see which niche market was best to target but after seeing the traffic spike in all categories, it seemed launching a general


classified ads website was the most logical choice.

RJ acted as the web developer-slash-architect-slash-master-SEO while Arianne played the role of web-designer-slash-test engineer. The site’s traffic continued to increase so the founders eventually left their day jobs to pursue full time management of Sulit.

With the site’s unexpected rapid growth, the founders decided to incorporate under a corporation. The company was incorporated in January 25, 2008 under the name Netrepreneur Connections Enterprises, Inc. (Netcon) but remained to be a home-based business.

In August 2009, RJ and Arianne closed an investment from Naspers, a South Africa-based multinational mass media company with businesses holding leading market positions in different

regions of the world.


It was also dudng this time that the founding group moved their operations from their home in Angono, Rizal to a new office in Ortigas Center and started hiring more team members that led to the development of intensive website features designed to make buying and selling online a lot faster and easier for Filipinos.

Sulit also became the first local classified ads website to be seen on mainstream media when it launched a TV commercial in 2012 with the “Ano hanap mo?” buyer campaign followed by “Ang hindi na ginagamit… Ibenta mo nap seller campaign.

In 2013, the focus shifted to mobile with the release of the Android and iOS native apps. The site also became increasingly popular not only to entrepreneurs but also to Filipinos who have a lot of personal pre-loved items to sell such as shoes, sofa, guitar, bike, etc.
As it is the biggest C2C buy and sell platform in the Philippines, Sulit became a part of the OLX network, the world’s leading brand for online classifieds, and eventually became the local arm as it officially carded the OLX Philippines name on March 19, 2014.

OLX Philippines

Netrepreneur Connections Enterprises Inc.


OLX Philippines continues to increase its reach nationwide as it also opened a new office in Cebu, while maintaining operations in Manila.
Yesss, Yaman! is OLX’s latest campaign, urging Filipinos everywhere to take a closer look at their personal items that are just lying around at home and sell them online to earn extra cash on the side while decluttering at the same time.

Executive Profile

RJ David

Before RJ became the Managing Director and co-founder of, and now Chairman, President and Managing Director for OLX Philippines, he was, at one point, an employee himself.

RJ is a BS Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Even as he took ME, RJ was already very. passionate about programming since he got his hands on a Turbo Pascal book. He devoted his free hours inside the library, reading ME-related books that after graduating, he can already code a dynamic website.


He became an instructor at his alma mater’s Department of Mechanical Engineering for a year and later on became a Bio-Mechanical Engineer for an orthopedic company where he designed prosthesis and tools used for hip implants. Seven months into this job, he decided to transfer to an IT-related industry, becoming a software test engineer for 2 years, a PHP architect and a freelance web developer, honing his programming skills even more that lead him to resign from his day job and freelance gigs to start on his own website.

After putting up Sulit.comph, now, ILl has received multiple esteemed awards such as the Go Negosyo Inspiring Young Filipino Entrepreneur Award and Business Excellence Award from Go Negosyo and BPI Family Savings Bank in 2011, PLDT MVP Bossing Award in 2012, and Techilopreneur Award for Go Negosyo’s Filipino Technopreneur Summit in 2013. He was also featured in one of Go Negosyo’s 50 Inspiring Stories of Young Entrepreneurs book in 2012 and another upcoming feature is in the works this year. Just recently, he and his wife, Arianne David, graced the digital cover of Entrepreneur Magazine.

In his free time, RJ loves to go on road trips and travel abroad with Arianne.

Arianne David

As a young girl, Arianne wanted to become an astronaut and conquer outer space. She did not become an astronaut but she sure is conquering cyberspace with her former classmate, now husband and business partner, RJ David.


Having a degree in BS Computer Science as well as taking on jobs from her previous employers from IT companies sharpened Arianne’s technical skills further. When they started, now, she acted as the web designer and test engineer, meaning she was responsible for the iconic Sulit logo and brand colors. These day’s, she wears a different hat as the Head of Operations and personally oversees both the Finance and Customer Service departments of the company. She is also responsible for cultivating the unique culture that is observed in OLX and ensures that all employees are holistically compensated.

Arianne is also a recipient of the PLDT MVP Bossing Award and has landed a feature in Go Negosyo’s 50 Inspiring Young Stories of Young Entrepreneurs book in 2012. She also graced the digital cover of the May 2014 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine.

Her hobbies include collecting Starbucks mugs as souvenirs from the different places she and RJ had been in and trying out cooking and becoming the next best chef.

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Apple and Xiaomi Continue to lead with Wearable shipments reach 84.5 million in 2019



Apple Watch Series 5 fonearena 1 1024x615

Apple Watch Series  fonearena

International Data Corporation (IDC) released global smartphone shipments and India smartphone shipments during Q3 2019 recently, and now it has released the report for worldwide wearable shipments during the 3rd quarter of 2019.

According to the report, global wearable device shipments reached 84.5 million units during Q3 2019 with a 94.6% increase year-over-year and is a new record for shipments in a single quarter. Out of the 84.5 million units, Hearables alone accounted for almost half the market and it was followed by smartwatches and wrist bands.

In the list of top 5 wearables companies by shipment volume, market share, and YoY growth, Apple leads with 29.5 million shipments and a massive 195.5% YoY growth. It is followed by Xiaomi with 12.4 million shipments, 66.1% YoY growth, Samsung with 8.3 million units, 156.4% YoY growth, HUAWEI with 7.1 million units, 202.6% YoY growth, and Fitbit with 3.5 million units and 0.5% YoY growth. Other companies account for 23.8 million units with 40.4% YoY growth.

In the list of global wearables market by product category shipment volume, market share, and YoY, Earwear shipments account for 40.7 million units, Wristband for 19.2 million units, Smartwatch for 17.6 million units, and others for 7.1 million units.

Source: Fonearena

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The State of Cloud Computing 2019




With the rise of disruptive digital technologies, businesses are constantly finding ways to thrive in the ever-changing digital world. As we are now on the cusp of these momentous changes, organizations are now seeing that the cloud transforms into a dominant enterprise environment.



The cloud is now fully ready for mission-critical and, the old-style tech used to power their systems and apps are now being referred to as legacy systems, which can still be useful for organizations with processes that have been tailor-made to become critical and fundamental for the business performance. Global organizations, and even local players, are also seeing the endpoint of their roadmaps and support for old propriety system. They are also starting to develop a serious plan to move major applications into the cloud at an unprecedented scale, especially that these platforms are now available for various workload and application.


The rise of cloud natives

Cloud-native computing takes advantage of many modern techniques to optimize resources for overall agility and maintenance of applications. It would be an efficient mainstream process for creating and deploying applications in the cloud by placing them in handy containers for easier management.   This process enables the business models of start-up or leading-edge enterprise to deliver extreme scalability.



Companies that are currently not in the cloud should migrate by following three different ways. The first two actions are simple enough; either go into the cloud as is or adapt existing processes as you enter the cloud, adding changes to the former design.


The third state would require a complete transformation of the current architectural process. This path means moving forward and develop another blueprint for building applications that are “born in the cloud,” which offers a competitive and practical advantage.


Understanding Hybrid IT and the poly-cloud


Businesses would, of course, leverage this migration to technology. However, the shift in terrain would bring a realization that not all clouds are equal, and that different types of clouds are suitable for different projects. For example, common public clouds are computing services made by third parties and are often freely available on the internet, while private clouds keep specific data in an organization secure and isolated from the public. 


Companies, therefore, need to recognize their individual needs and choose the solution that reaps the maximum benefits. They must determine whether it is adequate to stick with either a public or private cloud, or a combination of their services.


For Fujitsu, it has seemed obvious that a hybrid IT, which is an optimal mix of public and private cloud, along with a sprinkling of on-premise IT, is the logical future of enterprise environments.



In spite of this, doubts have momentarily appeared in certain quarters. However, these doubts are disappearing due to the optimal construction of hybrid IT, as well as the growing offers of private cloud performance, regulatory compliance, security, and proximity to other services. Public cloud alone isn’t the solution.


A single organization may use two types of cloud infrastructure for separate tasks—this is called a multi or “poly-cloud.” Meanwhile, a hybrid cloud is a strategy that intermingles data with access to multiple public and private clouds’ benefits and functions.



The large overlap between this new concept changes the way each cloud in a poly-cloud supports the differentiation of business by disrupting the impact of its commercial model. We should consider that the massive consolidation of the hyper-scale platform market means that individual businesses are responsible for configuring and integrating which model would drive them to stand out.


Getting ready for AI everywhere

The migration and implementation of cloud computing services offer countless possibilities in this new technological age. The integration of Artificial Intelligence, for instance, could potentially improve existing cloud solutions.



Some forms of AI have arrived and we are badly mistaken to think that it is a technology still lying somewhere in the distant future. Advanced technological trends, such as blockchain, IoT, data analytics, and the Robotic Process Automation prove that everything will be driven by AI and, the speed of public adoption would be at least equal to former technology.


Companies are also seen as rising as everything becomes smart and enabled. Take the Robotic Process Automation as an example. AI is now boosting daily business operations by contributing impacts on simplicity and automation, all while lowering cost.


Cases of sudden outages is a no problem in an enabled AI-operated world. The system would just flip users to another hyper-scaler while their preferred cloud is down, and switch them back again on that major cloud platform once it is online, without involving another human being. These situations are the reality of our new world. We control the specifications of AI and allow them to propel us forward.



Having said all these, there are some human-centric issues that Fujitsu needs to address this year. Among these key concerns is the protection of intellectual properties in a transparent world, as well as ownership and accountability for AI.


We should shoulder some responsibility when providing customers with uninterrupted service. This is based on our “Human Centric Innovation” ethos, where we believe that AI isn’t a magical incantation to fix all business transactions. Like many disruptive technologies, it needs to be fed correct data to assist people. We should create a technology that recognizes accountability when making decisions.



Co-creation of a trusted business

As a complement to our ethos, our Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2019 also describes a concept called “co-creating a trusted business.”


Nowadays, businesses are faced with the complexity of a more connected and globally integrated world. This complexity is proving that many of the traditional structures and institutions we relied upon are inadequate and breaking down. And, everyone is keeping up with data that grows faster than it can ever be.



All organizations should, therefore, cultivate a culture of co-creating a trusted business. This mindset enables businesses to contribute to co-creating a more sustainable world with their customers and ecosystem partners.


To achieve it, organizations should take three steps: architect a purpose-driven organization to define what they can contribute to society, customers, and even for the future; build a human-centric organization to ensure that they can empower people to collaborate; and, drive the business with digital to turn their available data into valuable insights while maintaining and empowering its trustworthiness.


The digital world presents multiple opportunities for organizations to thrive. At Fujitsu, we await a brighter tomorrow for all businesses, especially in the Philippines, as they grasp the many advantages and benefits that the cloud has to offer.

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Apple claims that A13 Bionic chip is the fastest for mobile phones yet



Apple claims that A13 Bionic chip is the fastest for mobile phones yet
Earlier, Apple announced the new iPhone 11 phones. The chip that makes them work is the new A13 Bionic chip.
Apple claims that A13 Bionic chip is the fastest for mobile phones yet
According to Apple, it is the “most powerful” system-on-a-chip found on any mobile phone today, a processor with notable improvements over its A12 Bionic predecessor.

The fastest chip for phones?

The SoC (system-on-a-chip) uses a hexa-core design based on 7nm manufacturing process design with 2 performance cores with 20 percent faster speeds and 30 percent lower power consumption.
GPU performance of current phones
GPU performance of current phones
It is paired with 4 efficiency cores with 20 percent faster performance and 40 percent lower power consumption than its previous-gen chips.

It also has a metal optimized quad-core GPU with a 20 percent speedier performance and 40 percent lower power consumption than the predecessor.

The company also upgraded its octa-core Neural Engine for AI tasks. It has a 20 percent faster performance and 15 percent lower power consumption.

In total, it goes with 8.5 billion transistors. It is clearly higher than the 6.9 billion transistors of the A12 last year.

Apple highlighted that it has the best machine learning platform designed for any smartphone.

It is said to do up to 1 trillion operations per second. Apple claimed that its CPU, GPU and Neural Engine should work better together when it comes to performing machine learning tasks.

For now, only the Huawei Kirin 990 5G has more transistors than this chip at 10.3 billion.

But as we all know, Apple knows how to maximize the potential of its chip. So, there’s really a chance that what they are claiming is correct.

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