ZTE MF93D 4G LTE Pocket Wifi Review


ZTE MF93D 4G LTE Pocket Wifi Review

ZTE has been expanding with their products this past few months with their flagship mobile phones, now their introducing a familiar product which is already been used by Smart. The ZTE MF93D is an openline 4G / LTE enabled pocket wifi meaning you can use other service provider sim like Smart, Globe & Sun. ZTE is an OEM company meaning they made these devices to be sold to other companies with their branding

ZTE MF93D 4G LTE Pocket Wifi Review

The box contains the ZTE MF93D Mifi unit, usb cable & charger & user manual. The box is designed so that you can immediately see the unit inside the box.

The device is like a pager with its small screen and smooth black glossy surface similar to a precious stone.


It has a sim slot for regular size mobile carrier sim & SD card slot for micro SD support up to 64gb. It also has 2 antenna at the both which you can actually open the covers for better view or signal reception.

ZTE MF93D 4G LTE Pocket Wifi Review

I used the only LTE prepaid SIM as of now which is Smart for only 50 pesos of 1 day unlimited surfing

The ZTE MF93D online dashboard is almost exactly the same as Smart except for the name & logo. The default password is admin/administrator & the Wifi SSID & password is located at the back of the unit in the sticker.

Menus are pretty basic and easy to understand, I recommend first changing the security like the passwords.

To maximize the ZTE MF93D data usage you will need to insert a 4G /LTE capable sim. As of now only Smart & Globe offers LTE services, and for the signal you need to find a good spot for the connection.

ZTE MF93D 4G LTE Pocket Wifi Review

Design is almost flawless and fits well with your gadgets and drinks

For the speed test, I went to the one if the busiest spots in Cebu, the Cebu IT Park. I am using smart sim in the ZTE MF93D since they are the only provider offering prepaid LTE plans.

As of this writing smart is having problems with their LTE connection in the past weeks so the internet speed is still subjective & has various factors.

You can immediately tell the data passed in your pocket wifi through the unit screen where you can see the estimated data pass on by the device & you can predict its maximum capacity when connecting online.

ZTE MF93D 4G LTE Pocket Wifi Review

The fastest speed I was able to get is 5-6mbps, which is located in i2 building IT Park. Though I believe it can reach higher if it weren’t with the carrier signal issues.

Regarding the ZTE MF93D, it is very consistent with its connection, I rarely experiencedΒ  downtime or disconnection while online even with multiple devices connected.


I am very amazed with the battery as I can used it almost a day without charging which is great compared to other pocket Mifi device.

Overall it is an amazing LTE 4g pocket wifi , where you have the flexibility to choose other network provider. Connection is very stable while online & battery life is the best so far. I recommend getting this if you always want to be connected online.

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  1. Hi sir. Have you tried downloading torrent with this mf93d? How much is its peak DL speed then? Where did you buy this openline unit sir? How much? Is it available here in Cebu Sir? Thanks πŸ˜‰

  2. Antonio Moncal | May 3, 2018 at 9:23 am | Reply

    My Zte MF93D unit is still working, my problem is I think the Battery, it will not charge anymore so I have to plug it all the time.

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