Globe Business bolsters top Carrier Ethernet events


Globe Business bolsters top Carrier Ethernet event

Being at the forefront of technologies in enterprise connectivity by deploying superior data connections, Globe Business has been aggressively promoting the utilization of Carrier Ethernet (CE) in the industry, as well as the corresponding benefits it can provide to its customers in the Philippines.

As a thought leader in Asia Pacific ICT and an authority in premium connectivity technologies, the enterprise ICT are of Globe Telecom announced that it will help shape the future of Carrier Ethernet in the upcoming Metro Ethernet Forum – Global Ethernet Networking (GEN14) on November 17 to 20 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Together with leading technology and ecosystem experts, senior professionals, market leaders and stakeholders in the field of Ethernet services in the foremost global gathering of CE community, Globe Business will be among technology stalwarts which will chart the next phase of network-enabled cloud, data and mobile services with the convergence of CE 2.0, software-defined networking or SDN, and virtualization technologies, harnessing their potential to advance innovation and productivity gains in the digitization of enterprises.

The participation of Globe Business is an affirmation of its commitment to enterprise customers by deploying best-in-class connectivity. Its presence in this important MEF gathering asserts its superiority in local CE technology, being first in the Philippines with a MEF-9 certification, followed by a MEF-14 accreditation on its E-Line, E-VPL and E-LAN services. More importantly, it is the pioneering Philippine company and fourth in the world to receive the significant CE 2.0 MEF Certification.

Globe Business bolsters top Carrier Ethernet events

Advancing the local connectivity landscape

At the local front, the corporate ICT arm of Globe Telecom recently gathered various information technology and communications stakeholders comprising of industry experts in internet protocol, data and packet networking in the first Globe Business CE 2.0 Technology Workshop at the company’s headquarters in The Globe Tower, providing an in-depth discussion of global trends, expansions and regional successes of CE.

Presented in partnership with Coriant Asia Pacific, Globe Business heightened its enterprise customers’ network skills and competency development from various industries, including CE users as well as those employing Ethernet over synchronous digital hierarchy or SDH. Those in attendance included the company’s clients with requirements in domestic connectivity, point-to-point or multi-point connections that may be heavy in data, video or voice, enterprise customers keen on integrating faster connectivity, reliable and uninterrupted connections and real-time access to information for their organization, as well as offshore and outsourcing accounts, global service providers, wholesalers, internet service providers, and other stakeholders who will use CE 2.0 technology.

Local influencer of Carrier Ethernet technology

Globe Business has consistently set the pace in local ICT with the accreditations provided by global-certifying bodies like the MEF. With its continued industry leadership, Globe Business assures its clients of the best-in-class connectivity solutions which carry the stamp of approval by the MEF as classified CE 2.0, empowering them to perform at the top of their game.

Globe Senior Vice President for Enterprise Group Nikko Acosta said that the demand for high bandwidth applications is at a constant growth: “We recognize the need for networks to become more efficient, agile, and scalable to support growing business demands. Our CE 2.0 portfolio of services provides these benefits to bolster evolving challenges in the enterprise market.”

He added that,

“our goal to push the local connectivity landscape forward does not end with certifying our own engineers: To make all the players involved well-informed about this innovation, they also gave certifications to their customers to ensure that all stakeholders understand the common language in terms of connectivity advancement.”

Let Globe Business MEF CE 2.0-certified solutions advance your enterprise’s connectivity. Visit for more information.

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