Are we ready for a 4G Booster Device in the Philippines

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What is a 4G Booster?

While 3G is still one of the most popular ways of connecting to the Internet and making calls, 4G is now gaining in popularity and many network providers offer 4G to enable Internet users to get online and experience a whole new level of efficiency when it comes to downloading and connecting to the Internet and for cell phone operation

However, because some areas do not have good coverage, it can be impossible to pick up a reliable signal, and this is where a 4G booster is beneficial. A quality signal booster and amplifier will help to resolve any problems that you might have with getting a good reception.

How does it work?

A 4G booster will work by using a repeater that amplifies the reception, which helps to provide a superior level of reception. This means there is less likely to be any missed calls due to not being able to get a strong enough signal, and it means the user of the cell phone booster will be able to make phone calls from their location without them breaking up.

Sometimes, people can make phone calls from some areas of their house, but will find it impossible to get a clear reception in other areas; a 4G booster will prevent this problem, and enable you to make and receive problem free calls without interruption.


What difference do they make?

Boosters can make a huge difference to the reception quality and improve the cell phone reception in a vast area of a premises. The best boosters will cover up to 1000m squared so they can be used for larger buildings such as shops, schools, businesses, as well as domestic households that might struggle to get a decent reception.

Will I need to buy additional equipment?

The best brands usually come with everything that you will need. Kits will include all of the antennas and cables that are required, along with simple instructions to get it installed so you can start enjoying a much better reception.

Different Models

There are a variety of different 4G repeaters on the market, and they all offer excellent value for money. Some of the most popular brands, which are available from reputable sellers, include Nikrans.


Pricing for quality boosters can start from as little as 221 euros, for now it is not available in the Philippines but sooner or later it will be available worldwide.

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