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Carmudi Secures $25M in New Funding For Asia and Latin America



Funding Release

Carmudi Secures $25M in New Funding

Rocket Internet backed online car classified player to become No.1 in emerging markets

Carmudi, a leading car classified site backed by Rocket Internet, has raised $25 million to strengthen its operations in Asia and Latin America. Investors include Asia Pacific Internet Group (APACIG), a joint venture of Rocket Internet and Ooredoo, Holtzbrinck Ventures, a leading consumer internet investor, Tengelmann Ventures, a division of international multi-sector retailer Tengelmann Group, and a private investor.

Launched in October 2013, Carmudi has rapidly scaled up to 20 countries, seven of which are in Asia (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam) and one in Latin America (Mexico). The platform is known to provide the most innovative and fastest way to buy and sell cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles online.

The announcement of this funding comes at a time when the company is experiencing a remarkable growth of over 50 per cent in all its markets and has authentic listings of over 300,000 vehicles for its users globally.

Stefan Haubold - Global Co-Founder and Managing Director (1)

Carmudi Co-Founder and Global Managing Director Stefan Haubold


Carmudi Co-Founder and Global Managing Director Stefan Haubold said: “This funding will be crucial in boosting our operations in Asia and Latin America. Our goal is to be the No.1 car classified platform in all our markets. There are over 300 million active internet users that we are aiming to tap into in these markets. We want to make sure that we bring them the best experience of car shopping on their laptops and mobile phones.”


The new round of investment goes to show the support and confidence investors have in Carmudi’s business model.

Koen Thijssen, co-CEO of APACIG stated, “We invest in companies where we see high potential for growth and expansion. We are sure that Carmudi will be able to conquer its markets very soon.”

As the internet penetration is likely to reach 44 per cent by 2018 in in Asia Pacific region alone (excluding China and India), Carmudi’s strategic timing could not have been better. Having the first-mover advantage is certainly helping Carmudi become a household name as it continues to reap the rewards from a growing middle class and influx of foreign spending in emerging markets. In fact, it is already reaching over a million users per month through its website and mobile app.

With its new features, Carmudi is making the selling and buying process much simpler for experts and novices alike who are new to the Internet.

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The Best Software and Gadgets for Your Car



oliur rahman 123819 1200 1024x

The word technology has brought many rapid changes in the lifestyle of us. Everything has been discovered based on the technology at present. From a Smartphone to a smart car, everything is now surrounded by electronic gadgets and software through which we can use them wisely. Technology has created an impact on cars. In today’s article, we are going to know about the gadgets and the software required to transform your car into the smart one.


5 Best Gadgets for Your Car


  1. Handpresso Car Espresso Maker


Most of us often skip our morning coffee, especially if we are in a hurry. If you are a coffee lover then I hope that this gadget will aid you. With the help of Handpresso Car Espresso Maker, you can make coffee while driving in just two minutes. All you have to do is to plug it into your car with a car adaptor, add some water and ground coffee, and hit the button when you are ready to drink. You can purchase it for $160.



  1. Philips GoPure Compact 200 Air Purifier


Most of us use air conditioners with filters in our cars. Even if we try to cover our car with glasses, we may find some dirt, which may affect our health condition. Philips has come up with GoPure Compact 200 Air Purifier, which cleans up 99% of the harmful gases, the smoke of a cigar, dust, pollen, pet hair, and other particles from the air and keep your car protected by just clicking a push button. You can buy it for $148.


  1. Garmin Drive 50 GPS Navigator


This gadget is used to provide information about surrounding landmarks, buildings, traffic lights, real-time traffic data, live parking information, updated google maps, and also tells about GPS Navigation Data. This device helps you to avoid accidents by providing a detail view of upcoming curves, speed limit changes, and about your own personal fatigue.


  1. Dash


Dash is a special adaptor which allows us to access data about your vehicle’s history and past history. This gadget comes with app support, which helps to monitor various information about your cars, such as fuel consumption, engine health, and many more. To use this gadget, you have to buy an OBD-II Scan tool. You can find several types of scanners in the market that can be linked with the Dash app. You can easily monitor your app without visiting a service station for small issues.


  1. FOBO Tire Plus


Most of us face issues with the car tires, especially with the inflated one. We use a handheld pressure gauge to make sure whether the tires are stretched in a proper way; however, Fobo Tire Plus uses a set of Bluetooth gauges which help to send information to your smartphone. Fobo will warn you when your tire pressure is getting worse. This app also provides a tutorial which acts as a catalyst. Further, during repairing or maintenance always remember to use proper impact wrench. If you’re confused regarding the selection then take help from this guide to find the best impact wrench for tires.

oliur rahman 123819 1200 1024x

oliur rahman 123819 1200 1024x, Car Gadgets

These are the 5 tools through which you can add color to your car.




3 Best Software for Your Car


Let us have a look at some of the trending software to design cars.


  1. Alias


An alias is a software designed by Autodesk, used to work on industrial designs and automotive projects. This software has a wide range of tools through which you can convert 2D sketches to 3D models. Some of the key features are.

  • This software possesses sketching and drawing tools through which you can draw, edit, craft shapes, add details and materials in an effective manner.
  • You can easily add helix surfaces in Freeform.
  • You can also design a surface from the scanned mesh.


  1. Lightwave 2018


Lightwave is the leading car design software that offers modeling tools to create smooth division surfaces interactively. This program has a layer-based system through which you can easily manipulate filters, animations, effects, and many more. Some of the key features are.

  • Virtual Reality Camera.
  • Physically Based Rendering system.
  • OpenVDB Support.
  • Integrated FiberFX.


  1. Rhino 3D


Rhino 3D has many 3D drawing tools and drawings which can be used to design prototypes for projects. This program allows you to get a 3D view of the existing data. Some of the interesting features of Rhino 3D are.

  • You can learn and use this software easily.
  • Free from 3D modeling tools.
  • Supportive with all other design, drafting, CAM, engineering, analysis, rendering, animation, and illustration software.
  • Implementation will quickly take place even in an ordinary laptop/computer.
  • No maintenance fees.

These are the 3 software to model your car effectively.



These are the few software and gadgets through which you can enhance your car. Try to utilize them and rebuild your car with your imaginative and creative skills. I hope that the article was helpful.

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List of Solar Vehicles: Our Sunshine-Fuelled Future




List of Solar Vehicles

One of the most popular renewable energy in the Philippines is solar energy. Filipinos are starting to invest into it and install it in their own homes and businesses to make an effort to lower down their electricity bill while also helping out in the issue of climate change.

Solar energy is not only a rising trend in the Philippines but also throughout the entire world. Moreover, it is not only being used as a way to lower down the cost of electricity but also gas as well. In fact, solar vehicles from all over the globe are being innovated and invented. Find out more information about these cars by reading below.

List of Solar Vehicles

List of Solar Vehicles

ThyssenKrupp SunRiser
ThyssenKrupp SunRiser or PowerCore SunRiser was made by Hochschule Bochum in Germany for the World Solar Challenge in 2015. It can seat two people at once and is equipped with comfort electronics and two wheel hub electronic engines.
It has a 3 m² solar roof that has a maximum power of 870 Wp. Its speed can go up to 120km/h and can travel up to 600 kilometres with just one solar charge per day.

SolarWorld GT
Another German solar vehicle on this list is the SolarWorld GT, which has had participated at the World Solar Challenge in the year 2011. This automobile has been built with two 3 m² solar roof; one in its roof and one in its trunk.

List of Solar Vehicles

Fiat headed an EU project in May 2010 to April 2013 which led to the development of the P-Mob, a solar three seater vehicle. This mini car works on a four-wheel drive. It originated in Italy.


List of Solar Vehicles

Eclectic is a solar car that has originated in Monaco and has been built by the manufacturer Venturi Automobiles in 2006. It can travel up to the speed of 50 km/h. It was originally a prototype that was supposed to be released in the market however its serial production never started.

List of Solar Vehicles

Metron 7
Metron 7 is originally converted from a Mazda 5 by a Metron team lead by Andrej Pecjak in 2014 in Slovenia. They received a grant permitting them to use this vehicle publically.

List of Solar Vehicles

Solar Taxi
Lois Palmer has travelled around the world using the Solar Taxi. During the travel, the (solar) energy it uses was being delivered from a trailer and from a power grid that a solar installation is producing in Switzerland. Its power consumption is 8kWh/100 km.

List of Solar Vehicles

Stella and Stella Lux
Both solar vehicles were innovated by Eindhoven University in the Netherlands for the 2013 and 2015 World Solar Challenge respectively. The two of them won each of the challenges, with Stella winning the crunchies award.
Stella is the first solar automobile which was purposely designed for ordinary road travel even though, its aesthetic styling does not follow traditional sedans you can find in places like the USA.

List of Solar Vehicles

Toyota’s 2010 Prius
Toyota has yet to fully develop a vehicle which runs completely on solar energy but the company has definitely started expanding on its solar feature integration function that they have so far incorporated to the 2010 Prius.
This model is the very first automobile to use a cooling system powered by the sun. It actually automatically starts when the car’s interior reaches 68 degrees F. Its design has already been incorporated fully into the traditional styling of the basic sedan.
As you can see, most solar-powered vehicles in this list are not being distributed publically (aside from Toyota’s Prius), but all of them point towards one direction, that there is a bright future to look forward to; one that involves solar vehicles.

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Shell V-Power Nitro+ Fuels your Excitement in Ayala Center Cebu



Shell V-Power Nitro+ Fuels your Excitement

Toyota Altis Display for V-Power Nitro Plus in Ayala Center Cebu #FuelExcitement

The city of Cebu is not dubbed as the “Queen City of the South” for nothing. One of the top destinations in the country, the city offers a taste of two different worlds. As the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines, it is a gateway to a rich cultural and historical past through a number of iconic heritage spots; and as home to some of the country’s fastest growing industries, the city likewise offers a modern and urban vibe. Now the Shell V-Power Nitro+ Fuels your Excitement reaches to Cebuanos and driving will never be the same again.


Shell V-Power Nitro+ Fuels your Excitement

With Ayala Center Cebu security Edward Bulawing giving tips about safety especially when inside the mall #FuelExcitement

Cebu has also earned the title of one of the country’s best destinations for food trips, offering delectable dishes such as the world-famous Cebu lechon.

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Fuels your Excitement

Cebu has a lot in store for everyone, and the possibility of discovering something unique and interesting along its busy streets makes driving around the city an exciting experience. Whether it’s a relaxing solo drive around the historic streets of Mactan or a thrilling off-road challenge in the side trails of Barangay Guba, Pilipinas Shell calls on each and every Cebuano motorist to discover his own formula for an exciting drive. Shell, through its premium performance fuels, Shell V-Power Nitro+, is on a mission to uncover the different turns, terrains, and tracks that characterize the interesting sights and journeys only the Philippines can offer.

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Fuels your Excitement

“As we continue to celebrate 100 years of Shell Companies in the country, we constantly strive to provide quality products like Shell V-Power Nitro+, our range of fast acting performance fuels, designed to improve engine performance and give Filipino motorists a unique and worthwhile experience on the road,” said Oying Yam, Pilipinas Shell Vice President for Retail.

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Fuels your Excitement

With host of the event Frances Alfafara showing us the Shell V-Power Nitro + Exhibit

A result of Shell’s commitment to innovation, Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels are designed to restore and maintain engine power through active engine cleaning.
“An exciting drive is not necessarily about going on a road trip. No matter where you go, driving a vehicle with a high performing engine, which Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels is designed to offer, is what makes the driving experience an exciting one,” explainedYam.

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Fuels your Excitement

Racing simulators are provided for the audience to enjoy and feel the smooth ride when using Shell V-Power Nitro +. They also give prizes to the racers with the fastest finish time.

To bring these exciting drives to life, Pilipinas Shell has partnered with Television Culture Shock Productions to produce the second season of TEN, a travel program that features breathtaking sights and thrilling activities that are yet to be discovered by many Filipinos. Hosted by Jason Godfrey, the second season of TEN will air on AXN beginning September.

“As we go around some of the country’s most beautiful and unique destinations, we take in the breathtaking sights and exceptional drives that our customers can experience, no matter where they are, what vehicle they decide to drive, and whom they choose to experience the journey with them. Through this partnership, we show our motorists the different formulas that make up exciting drives that one can discover around the Philippines,” said Yam.

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Fuels your Excitement

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Fuels your Excitement

With Vanessa Ejercito showing us the different cars displayed in the exhibit and using the V-Power NItro enhances the engine fuels you excitement.

To kick start its exciting line up of activities in Cebu, Pilipinas Shell staged the Shell V-Power Nitro+ #FuelExcitement Exhibit at Ayala Center Cebu’s Activity Center on July 19 and 20. The exhibit was a visual feast that showcased the product features of Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels, as well as some of the latest vehicle and motorcycle models that run best with Shell’s premium performance fuels.

“As Shell continues to celebrate 100 years of Shell Companies in the Philippines, the search for the 10 most exciting drives is a way to rediscover diverse cultures and exceptional environments that characterize the unique landscapes and geography that the Philippines possesses. Using high performing vehicles fueled by Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels in visiting these remarkable places in the country makes the search even more exhilarating,” said Yam.

Shell V-Power Nitro+ Fuels your Excitement

They also showcased their Shell motorist app for Android and iOS absolutely free. #FuelExcitement

With the evolution of car engines today, Shell provides Filipino motorists with the latest technological innovation with the Shell V-Power Nitro+ fuels, developed to meet the evolving needs of customers and their cars. Shell V-Power Nitro+ is a product of Shell which is working to meet increasing energy demand and supply challenges by delivering smarter products and cleaner energy, smarter infrastructure, promoting smarter use, and by developing new energy sources while addressing the impact on the environment, through cleaner burning-natural gas and advanced fuels and lubricants technology.


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