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LoveByte is a mobile app that provides a private space for two to communicate, share things and remember precious moments.

LoveByte, the mobile app that specialises in helping couples improve their relationship and stay connected, aims to make dating and communication fun, even beyond Valentine’s Day.


As a niche private app for two people, couples can chat in the app, share every detail of their life as photos, notes and dates. However, LoveByte offer special features that improve couple bonding and communication to be even more personal and unique.

Secret Message: Fun, private surprises in everyday communication

Apart from sending each other cute stickers, couples on LoveByte can also send secret messages to each other. The recipient gets to rub the screen to unveil what is being sent, like a scratchcard. Inside it, the message can get as creative as the sender plans it to be; ranging from a spontanous date invitation, or a simple I Love You.


Staying updated of their partner’s status is extremely useful for couples who are in a long-distance relationship in different timezones and weather conditions to know how their
partner is doing.

Even for those who are not in a long-distance relationship, being able to know their partner’s battery level is useful for situations and helps with

understanding when their partner becomes uncontactable when their battery level has turned low.


Users have full control of turning the feature off if they choose to not give permission and share those information with their partner.

Our Story: A shared treasure chest of precious memories

As time passes, a virtual book will be produced with lovely memories not to be forgotten where all the notes, photos and dates are gathered. Expect couples to go “awww” as they reminisce their shared, love journey.


LoveByte’s founder, Steve Sng said, “There’re many apps on our phone that can take up our attention from things that truly matter. LoveByte is a special app to remind us of the most special person in our life and reminds couples to stay loving and communicate more with each other.”

About LoveByte
LoveByte is a mobile application that provides a private space for two people to communicate, share and timeline precious moments together. Available on iOS and Android at

LoveByte is owned by parent company migme Limited, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: MIG) and quoted on Deutsche Börse: WELA (WKN: A117AB). More at

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