mClinica Makes Strategic Investment in Medix



mClinica, a global provider of mobile health technology for pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry has acquired a stake in Medix, a cloud-based clinic management service based in the Philippines, laying the foundation for a strategic partnership that supports their shared goal of improving healthcare in Asia.

Medix was launched in 2013 as a service for dental practices, but recently developed an electronic medical record (EMR) platform that has gained traction among hospitals and clinics in the Philippines. By partnering with mClinica, which maintains digital networks of pharmacies across Asia, Medix will gain operational expertise for entry into new markets and access to mClinica’s client base which includes some of the world’s largest healthcare companies.

For mClinica, the deal includes an undisclosed equity stake in the company as well as access to Medix’s technologies and development resources. These technologies will help power Connect Physician, a new service from mClinica that enables doctors to build stronger relationships with their patients.

“We expect strong synergies from our partnership with Medix,” said Farouk Meralli, CEO of mClinica. “As we help them grow their business, we plan to use their impressive technologies to improve doctor-patient relationships, which will increase health awareness, adherence to treatment regimens, and overall health outcomes for patients.”

On the other hand, Marc Medina, Medix’s CEO and Founder said:  “mClinica’s track record shows that they have the mindset to achieve regional scale. Since we share their goal to extend the reach of care in Asia’s emerging markets, we are excited to be working with them.”

mClinica currently operates a similar service called Connect Pharmacy. The service, which won the 2015 Hack Osaka Award in February, allows pharmacies to connect with their patients through loyalty and health education programs. By bringing pharmacies onto a single digital platform, the service also allows pharmaceutical companies to access fragmented networks of pharmacies at scale, which increases access and reduces prices for essential medicines.

Piloted in the Philippines, Connect Pharmacy now boasts a network of over 1400 pharmacies in the country, which together provide access to over 20 million patients nationwide. These numbers have enticed many of the country’s leading pharmaceutical companies to join the platform. Based on this initial success, mClinica has since expanded into Vietnam and Indonesia, and is eyeing other high-potential markets around the region.

Both Medix and mClinica are part of the investment portfolio of Kickstart Ventures, the venture capital arm of Globe Telecom. Medix joined Kickstart in 2013 while mClinica followed a year later through a funding round that also included 500 Startups and IMJ Investment Partners.

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