Philippines Online Users urge to Step up Online Security Vigilance #Protech101


Online Security Vigilance #Protech101

As the leading provider of mobile digital services, Globe recently launched Online Security Vigilance #Protech101 #ProTech101 campaign, an online information drive that seeks to inform netizens of the dangers of online crimes. The campaign also seeks to remind them to keep their accounts and valuable information safe.  Recognizing the immense benefits that the digital revolution has brought to its customers, Globe wants to instill awareness on the dangers that its customers could fall vulnerable to in this digital age.

“From social media, to online shopping, and now to basic services like health care, the Filipino digital lifestyle has come full circle. Most of our customers have turned to technology to store private information including photos, messages, contacts, and even personal data. With everything now being online and digital, crimes increase where people dwell the most: online,” notes Globe Chief Information Security Officer Anton Bonifacio, adding that cybercrimes such as hacking, theft and identity fraud are the top placers in online crimes around the world.

                “As the leading provider of digital services on mobile devices, we at Globe take the responsibility of educating and protecting our market and users from online security threats, which when addressed with the appropriate tools can be substantially minimized. We want to help them maximize and enjoy their digital experience, without compromising their personal online security,” Bonifacio emphasized.

Online Security Vigilance #Protech101

            #ProTech101 campaign tackles the issues of weak passwords, the dangers of the auto fill feature, online sharing of information and awareness on new software and other factors that make an account unstable and vulnerable to danger.  With the #ProTech101 campaign, Globe hopes to educate and reach out to the public to deepen awareness on the dangers in the online space. As technology develops and advances, #ProTech101 hopes to become a beacon of safety to Globe customers.

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