What To Do If You Get Caught While Spying Mobile Apps?

What To Do If You Get Caught While Spying Mobile Apps

What To Do If You Get Caught While Spying Mobile Apps

Whether you are using a monitoring application to spy on a cheating husband, a misbehaving kid or an incompetent employee, in any case, there is a high chance that you may get caught. Although as a master spy there is a very less likelihood of you getting caught. But there is no harm in having a contingency plan. The most important rule of spying involves you having a very good excuse for what you are up to. Other than that, if you still do get caught snooping around in someone’s phone or other gadgets here are a few ways to get out without any serious implications.
Your Word Against Mine

If you get caught and you feel your excuse wouldn’t work then its best to deny the whole situation completely. Being in denial mode means you have space to either completely deny the whole thing from ever existing or simply just put the blame on someone else. However the latter condition only applies to scenarios where you don’t get caught right in the middle of the situation. Shuffling around with random names will throw the victim off track and allow you to devise a more concrete plan. Otherwise, if your kid or spouse finds out that you’ve put a spying application on their phone then the best way to deal with the situation is by completely denying it. Probably also adding that you have no idea where it came from. Here is where your expert acting skills will come in use. Show some real concern and even volunteer to help find the wrongdoer. Give it some time so that the whole thing just becomes a fragment of the past.

Love Transcends All
Love and affection is the key to resolving every conflict in the world. If your loved ones, children or spouse do find out that you have been spying on them, then sometimes it is best to just come out clean. Make them realize in a very caring and considerate manner that everything that you did was out of love and concern. This method usually entails coating the honesty with love and concern for the other person. Everyone likes to know that there is someone in the world that genuinely cares about them. No matter how grave the issue is like spying on someone, it depends on how you phrase everything to get out of the situation.
With kids, it is best to take the cozy motherly affection approach. This is where you try to explain to your kid that monitoring their virtual behavior was solely done to protect them from all the cybercrimes taking place in the world. Similarly in the case of spouses, just open up and try to make them understand your reasons for spying on them. When you put down your fences, high chances are they will also put down their guards.

If installing a spy application on your loved ones phones or other gadgets was not out of love then it was most definitely because of some kind of doubt. With such emotions comes raging anger and hurt that could put of your judgment. Therefore, in the case of your spouse finding out that you have been spying on them, go on all offence only if you are at least 75% sure of their infidelity. If you are not, then chances are that the whole situation could easily back fire on your face. Look at this way: if your spouse is innocent and you claim to have been monitoring them because you suspected their loyalty, then they will understand your situation and even work harder on making things right with you.

But in case they are guilty, then by admitting your act, you are giving them leverage to easily get out of the relationship by initially retaliating and then getting out of the situation by blaming you for anything that they have done. Therefore, if you ever plan on going on all offence, have a strong game plan in mind that protects your defenses as well.

Spying may not be a big deal to some but to others it can be the end of the world. Therefore, it usually depends on the other person and your expertise of handling them adequately in case the whole situation blows over. Not every situation will entertain the above mentioned points but be prepared to use any in case the situation requires it.

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