2Go Now Accepts Payment options by Credit Card & Globe Charge

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2Go Travel

Sealing the partnership are 2Go Travel Senior Vice President Stephen Tagud (2nd from right) and With Globe Enterprise Sales Vice President Dion Asencio (2nd from left). With them are MYNT AVP for Business Development Jose Luigi Reyes (leftmost) and 2Go Travel VP for Retail Sales Grace Golez (rightmost).

2Go Travel, one of the most renowned sea and land transportation companies in the Philippines, was born out of the integration of the 2 major shipping companies in the Philippines in December 2010 when Negros Navigation Inc. bought out the Aboitiz Transport Systems (ATS) group which operated the “SuperFerry” passenger brand. The rebranding of both companies used the ubiquitous “2GO” brand in 2011 across all business units, finally naming the passenger brand “2GO Travel.”

2GO Travel is the first shipping-passenger brand in the Philippines that completely changed the sea travel experience. With excellent customer service, upscale hotel passenger suites, comfortable accommodation, entertainment and cruise-like amenities, 2GO Travel provided the traveling public a unique and very affordable way to travel around the Philippines.

2GO Travel also expanded the travel routes not only by sea but also by land as well connected major cities around the Philippines via bus connection, making the travel experience more hassle-free. Moreover, the brand also pioneered the first prepaid travel card that can be purchased as the perfect travel gift to popular tourist destinations around the Philippines. With its commitment to take land and sea travel to the next level , 2Go Travel has clearly helped boost domestic tourism by making travel comfortable and fun and providing cruise packages for families, friends or corporate groups, complete with an all-in cruise, hotel and tour itineraries in one affordable package.

In order to further its growth with more payment options available to its customers, 2Go Travel partnered with Globe Business, the enterprise ICT arm of Globe Telecom, to acquire Globe Charge, an innovative solution that transforms mobile phones into point-of-sale (POS) card terminals that accept debit and credit card payments. Globe Charge harnesses the integration of a smartphone and an innovative mobile card reader into a mobile point-of-sale (POS) unit, empowering enterprise and SME customers with a convenient payment device and eliminating the need for traditional and more expensive card terminals.

With Globe Charge, 2Go Travel can now accept credit card payments from its customers, further growing its customer base, increasing its revenues, and sustaining its position in the market as an innovative company which constantly seeks to provide efficient and hassle-free service.

“Globe Business really is a great partner for us,” Stephen Tagud, Senior Vice President for 2Go Travel said. “We want to make traveling as smooth as possible for our customers and with Globe Charge, this makes payments options much easier and more accessible for a lot of them.”

Mike Frausing, Globe Business’ Senior Advisor for Enterprise and IT Enabled Services Group shared, “We are thankful to 2Go Travel for the trust and confidence they have given us in enabling their sustained growth as they expand their payment capabilities through Globe Charge. As the leading ICT enabler in the Philippines, Globe Business provides customers with the right technology, infrastructure, and know-how to help them focus on their business.”

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