List of 10 Amazing TV Apps For Your Smartphone

The  Best Smartphone TV Apps

Amazing TV Apps For Your Smartphone

Nowadays, smartphones have become the ultimate go-to device for all our needs. Whether it’s watching movies, scanning a document or playing a game – there are no limits that can define the influence of smartphones on our everyday lives.
If you are a fan of TV shows, sports events or even 24-hour news, brace yourself because TV has come-of-age on the smartphone. As the saying goes, ‘there’s an app for everything’. And speaking of TV, there are some great ones to check out.
Today, I’m listing the best smartphone TV apps that I’ve found for both iOS and Android devices.

1. Netflix

10 Amazing TV Apps For Your Smartphone
With a single membership, you can enjoy all your favorite TV shows, movies, documentaries and various on-demand programs across all of your devices. Netflix supports the lot, and it brings the action to your smartphone as well. You can watch and rate your favorite shows for around $10 a month.
($8.99/mo. for iOs/Android)

2. Beamly

10 Amazing TV Apps For Your Smartphone
If you are a fan of the BBC iPlayer, you will love Beamly. Not that they are similar. In fact, they were both created by the same developers. Beamly is a great networking tool for people who love watching TV. You can watch TV through this app wherever you are, but also host or join a viewing party with your connections through the app.
(FREE for iOS/Anroid)

3. Miso

10 Amazing TV Apps For Your Smartphone
Miso lets you watch TV on your smartphone and earn points and badges based on your activity. You can check-in for watching every episode of a TV show and earn points. The app also comes with trivia on each show, making it super geeky for you to engage in.
(FREE for iOS/Android)

4. GetGlue

10 Amazing TV Apps For Your Smartphone
GetGlue is a smartphone TV app used by more than 4 million people worldwide. And it’s no wonder, since it is a seamless TV app that works as a platform on which you can share the programs you are watching. You can also be entertained by your friends’ activity on the app, even when your TV is not there!
(FREE for iOS/Android)

5. IntoNow

10 Amazing TV Apps For Your Smartphone
Want to engage with online users that are currently watching the same episodes as you?
IntoNow makes that possible. This social TV app automatically identifies the shows you are watching and lets you share them on Facebook and Twitter. The possibilities with IntoNow are endless, especially when it comes to discovering new shows through social channels.
(FREE for iOS/Android)

6. Crackle

10 Amazing TV Apps For Your Smartphone
TV shows and movies on your smartphone for free? No way!
Yes, that’s what Crackle puts on the table. Your favorite full-length movies and episodes are now available with this app. The best part? Crackle is completely FREE to use!
(FREE for iOS/Android)

7. TV Guide

10 Amazing TV Apps For Your Smartphone
If you need all the TV and movie listings to make your nights watching even better, meet TV Guide. This app will integrate with your BBC iPlayer profile. Also, it can transform your smartphone into a remote control if you use Virgin TiVo or a Samsung Internet-connected TV.
(FREE for iOS/Android)

8. PlayUp

10 Amazing TV Apps For Your Smartphone
If you love watching sports on TV, PlayUP is for you. Every sport, field and information is covered in this app that features stats, live scores and obviously, live games for you to watch. You can also engage with the community and find loyal fans whilst watching any game!
(FREE for iOS/Android)

9. Yamgo

10 Amazing TV Apps For Your Smartphone
Yamgo lets you explore more than 100 TV channels from your smartphone. It’s like carrying your TV in your pocket everywhere you go – with entertainment, music and fashion channels. Plus, you can watch your TV abroad too!
(FREE & Android only)

10. TVCatchup Live

10 Amazing TV Apps For Your Smartphone
If you have an iPhone or an iPad and want to stream TV on your phone, TVCatchup Live is the top name in TV apps that you need. This terrestrial UK television service is completely free and easy to use, featuring all the major channels you need for a daily dose of TV wherever you are.
So there you have it! I hope I’ve helped you find your next app install. Just download, log in and ramp up your TV entertainment experience to eleven!

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