SimpliVity Launches OmniStack Software Updates and Growth in the Philippines


SimpliVity Launches OmniStack Software Updates

What makes SimpliVity’s solutions unique?
Designed to work with any hypervisor or industry-standard x86 server platform, the SimpliVity solution provides a single, shared resource pool across the entire IT stack, eliminating point products and inefficient, siloed IT architectures. SimpliVity hyperconvergence, powered by its
OmniStack technologies, is delivered through its SimpliVity OmniCube appliance, OmniStack with Cisco UCS, and OmniStack with Lenovo System x. SimpliVity is distinguished from other converged infrastructure solutions by three unique attributes:
1. Accelerated Data Efficiency: Inline data deduplication, compression, and optimization on all data at inception across all phases of the data lifecycle. On average, SimpliVity customers achieve 40:1 data efficiency while simultaneously increasing application performance.
2. Built-In Data Protection: Provides data efficient backup and replication, and eliminates separate backup software, appliances, DR tools, and replication functions. SimpliVity’s inherent data efficiencies reduce backup and restore times from hours to minutes.
3. Global Unified Management: A VM-centric approach to management that eliminates manually intensive, error prone administrative tasks. System administrators are no longer required to manage LUNs and volumes; instead,they can manage all resources and workloads centrally, using familiar interfaces such as VMware vCenter, and VMware vRealize Automation.


SimpliVity Launches OmniStack Software Updates


How is SimpliVity’s solution able to deliver 3x Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings?
SimpliVity massively simplifies IT infrastructure by combining so many components. Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Report on SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure explains how it works by examining a few customers use cases, as well as identifies and quantifies key benefits of investing in hyperconvergence. These benefits, on average, save enterprises up to 3x TCO by:
1. Avoiding the cost of server and storage hardware infrastructure.
2. Reducing the cost of professional services to optimize storage environment.
3. Reducing the labor to manage daily backups.
4. Avoiding the cost of data center floor space.
5. Avoiding the cost of performing system updates


SimpliVity Launches OmniStack Software Updates
SimpliVity entered the market after announcing their partnership with leading distributor MSI-ECS in late August 2015. As of March 2016, SimpliVity has shipped more than 50 units in the short time span of six months. This rapid adoption signifies a surge in the customer confidence in SimpliVity’s hyperconverged solutions.
What are your plans for the region?
Currently, the region is growing rapidly. SimpliVity has staff located in six cities across Asia Pacific with more coming online each month. Beyond working with customers, this team is very focused on enabling new channel partners in most countries in Asia Pacific.

What are the top reasons organizations in Philippines are repidly adopting SimpliVity’s hyperconverged solutions?
1. Predictable performance
2. Reduced TCO
3. Accelerated data efficiency
4. Flexibility to scale as companies grow
5. Ultra-fast provisioning

SimpliVity announced the availability of new, updated versions of OmniStack software

which introduces or improves many of its infrastructure features, availability of OmniView, a new customer support tool; and plans for Hyper-V support. SimpliVity also announced the availability of IDC’s SimpliVity Hyperconvergence Drives Operational Efficiency and Customers are Benefitting, a whitepaper that highlights massive operational efficiency benefits from a recent customer survey.

SimpliVity Launches OmniStack Software Updates

What’s new and improved in OmniStack 3.5?
This latest version of OmniStack is optimized for large, mission-critical enterprise deployments, and includes new and enhanced features:
1. The Intelligent Workload Optimizer – OmniStack 3.5 ensures predictable application performance with the new Intelligent Workload Optimizer. By integrating intelligence about storage performance and data location with vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler, OmniStack 3.5 can smartly migrate VMs to dynamically balance workloads.
2. REST API for third party and custom app integration – SimpliVity’s new REST API accelerates the development and integration of third-party solutions and custom applications, utilizing intuitive standards and integrated development environment for rapid prototyping.
3. Expanded support for multi-node stretched clusters – OmniStack 3.5’s increased enablement for multi-node stretched clusters mitigates risk, and improves IT availability and resilience by deploying infrastructure across large campus data centers that span multiple sites.

SimpliVity Launches OmniStack Software Updates
What does OmniView do?
SimpliVity’s new web-based tool, OmniView, uses predictive analytics and trend analysis to give customers with Mission Critical support plans, actionable intelligence for optimizing performance and resource utilization, and effectively managing future growth. Features include:
1. Customized dashboards for monitoring all worldwide deployments, top to bottom, and rapidly diagnosing performance or latency issues
2. Predictive analytics that enable administrators to easily visualize organic growth and anticipate future capacity requirements.
3. Convenient, secure web access with centralized data processing and storage in SimpliVity’s support cloud.
What is OmniStack for Hyper-V?
OmniStack for Hyper-V will extend the benefits of our industry leading Data Virtualization Platform to customers using Hyper-V. Timing and availability of this offering is aligned to the planned release of Microsoft Windows Server 2016.

IDC Operational Efficiency Announcement
What was the IDC survey about?
IDC published a new whitepaper, sponsored by SimpliVity, titled: Next Generation Convergence & SimpliVity’s Hyperconverged Technology, which measured SimpliVity efficiency and reliability according to customer data.
Why is this important?


SimpliVity Launches OmniStack Software Updates
1. Operational efficiency enables companies in Philippines to deliver products or services to its customers in the most cost-effective manner possible, while still ensuring the high quality of its products, services, and support.

2. SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure introduces savings in recurring costs and time in ongoing operations, allowing greater focus on IT innovation. By modernizing data centers and operations, SimpliVity not only optimizes TCO, but also introduces greater operational efficiencies.
What are the key findings of the study?
IDC’s survey of SimpliVity customers reveals that the deployment of SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure enables greater focus of IT resources on innovation. Additional findings include better resource utilization, reduced risk through improved data protection and disaster recovery, greater agility, and faster time to production. Stats include:
1. 81% increase in time spent on new projects to help drive business revenue or value.
2. 33% improvement in budget spent on new projects rather than maintenance.
3. About 80% of customers received a 70% or more improvement in backup and disaster recovery with SimpliVity’s solutions.
4. 78% of customers realized about 65% improvement in storage utilization.
5. 90% of SimpliVity customers are using built-in data protection, and of those, 51% retired their third-party solutions, and only use SimpliVity for those workloads.

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