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Top Root Apps to Get the Best Out of Your Android Phone




Android is one of the most versatile and highly customizable mobile operating system the world has seen so far. There is so much mobile app development in the Android sector that mobile app development companies like VeztekUSA have to pace up with the growing demand of the users. However, rooting your Android phone is an interesting way with which you can make your already cool mobile phone even cooler.

To root your Android phone is quite the same as working as administrator on your Windows computer, meaning that you get root access to different hard and soft features of your mobile phone. However, rooting can only work well when you know certain apps which could help you get the best out of your Android phone. So we have decided to make this task easier for you by giving you a round-up of top root apps for an efficient Android phone.

AndroidPIT-root-apps-device-control-w782 Top Root Apps

Device Control – for fine-tuning CPU and kernel

Device Control is an interesting root app that enables you to over-clock or under-volt your Android phone. As a result more power is pumped into your CPU and the amount of battery usage can be limited. Apart from tweaking the CPU, Device Control gives you the option of customizing sound and display features, a build.prop editor and Tasker integration features etc.

maxresdefault Top Root Apps

Flashify – for free and easy flashing


Flashing gives you the opportunity to make your Android phone even more useful and efficient. However, flashing your phone manually can take a lot of time and effort. Flashify is a wonderful root app that allows you easy flashing and is absolutely free. Flashify can flash your boot.img, recovery.img and zip files as well as make a backup of these files on local or cloud storage. You can then further sync the cloud storage with your desktop. It is important to remember that although Flashify is free to use, nevertheless you can do only three flashings per day. So if you want a good number of flashing without wasting much time, then you can either pay or add them in your queue so they can be flashed in the coming days.

Top Root Apps titaniumbackup

Titanium Backup – for best backup options

In the world of continuous date storage, backups are becoming more and more important. Especially in the case of rooting an Android phone, backup can play a big role when you know anything can go wrong and don’t want to lose your files. Nothing beats Titanium Backup when it comes to a good root app for Android phone. It gives you the ease of making and managing full backup of your Android phone.

Top Root Apps greenify

Greenify – for efficient optimization of battery

Greenify is one of the few root apps for Android phones that works well without root as well. The app gives you full control over the battery consumption by your apps through its hibernation tool. You can control the battery consumption of functioning apps or put an app to sleep to save battery. Another great feature launched recently is the ‘Shallow Hibernation’ engine for Android Marshmallow.


Top Root Apps ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer – for effective root file management

A quality file manager can boost the effectiveness of your rooted Android phone manifolds. ES File Explorer is a solid file manager root app that has a root explorer included in it. It has all the features that make file management on a rooted Android phone easier and more efficient.

Top Root Apps DatsSync

DatsSync – for multiple mobile device owners

There are so many mobile devices in the market and many of us own more than one mobile device. To take hassle out of managing and syncing multiple mobile devices, DataSync root app has all the features that you wouldn’t have believed existed a short time ago. DataSync lets you sync together all the devices you own, so you don’t have any glitch putting down one device and picking up another.

Top Root Apps rommanager4

ROM Manager – for easy management of custom ROMs


When you root your Android phone or mobile device, there comes with it a number of awesome features that add a world of customization to your phone. ROMs and kernels are one of these features that can be customized and modified in a rooted phone. ROM Manager is one of the few apps that is all-in-one app for ROM and kernels management. Moreover, there is also a premium version of ROM Manager that allows even more advanced features.

Top Root Apps AndroidPIT-root-apps-Rec-w782

Rec – for sharper screen recording

Screen recording is quite useful for some people including gamers, mobile testing professionals and many others. In this case Rec can prove pretty useful as a root app for Android phones. With this app you are able to say everything and describe your point with recorded actions rather than words.


This is a roundup of the most useful root apps for Android mobile and other Android based hand-held devices. These apps allow you to manage battery consumption, recoveries, ROMs, kernels and everything that a rooted tweaker app could possibly need to keep track of. We hope you would find these tips helpful and useful.

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Why Use Waze?





Vehicles require mufflers to be placed for it to fully function. Universal mufflers can be easily bought in car shops for drivers who need to replace their automobile’s part. Driving is considered as a lifestyle for most people already, some may hate it, some may love it, while there are those who are just neutral about driving. To increase productivity, there had been a lot of innovators out there who have developed ways to make driving easier. One of these helpful tools is the internationally acclaimed mobile application – Waze. Get to know more about it and why it can help the life of a driver or passenger.

Status of Waze
As one of the best social traffic application in the world nowadays, Waze has respectfully earned the trust of its customers. Because of this, Google decided to purchase the app for about $1.03 billion last 2013. Waze works through the use of an internet connection and a GPS tracker to guide the user regarding the latest traffic updates and the easiest route to pass through. The voice navigation helps the user to be fully aware of the traffic and where to pass, guiding them until they reach their destination. The app even states the current accident, police reports, and road closures along the way. As a social app, users can easily connect with their friends or other Wazers to notify them about the passage or any other traffic-related occurrences out there. Other features such as a hands-free control, redirecting to the cheapest gas station, earning points and increasing ranks, and contributing to the map, updating social media statuses are just some of the other useful features this app has.


Effectiveness of Waze
Throughout the years, people have seen the effectiveness of Waze and used it regularly as a part of their daily lives already to guide them on their navigation. From all of what was previously stated, anyone can already prove that Waze exudes in efficiency for the people who go out on the roads to know which path to take, roads to avoid, unfortunate incidents that took place, inform friends and others regarding an accident, and so on and so forth. It just takes the right internet connection and for a stable GPS for you and anyone else to use the app.

Why use Waze?
Again, why should you use Waze? Remember everything that was previously stated here! iOS and Android users can simply connect online then download the application to see for yourselves why you should use Waze. For those who are already familiar with it, stay tuned for further updates and developments the developers can provide to make the app more fun and convenient to use.
Now that you have been further acquainted with the usefulness of Waze, hopefully you also appreciated the value of the international application and realize that it can definitely increase one’s productivity. Go out there to your familiar or unfamiliar destination and use the app to guide you accordingly.

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8 Essential Apps for College Students




8 Essential Apps for College Students

Several universities from across the world are starting out their school year this month of September. Some students from Civil Engineering University in Manila, as well as other colleges, are finding themselves anxious of going back to begin a new school term.
This is understandable, of course, because these people may be feeling quite unprepared but there are new innovations, such as various phone applications, which are able to help out certain individuals in different situations. Here are eight apps that can ease the process of coming back to your school.

8 Essential Apps for College Students

1.Wigo Summer
Wigo Summer (formerly known as Wigo) helps students ease their transitions from their summer breaks and into the school year by assisting them to find interesting events at their own colleges and universities that they can get involved with.
You can use this app to see what is going on in your city by adding friends and tracking their events. It also has a built-in chat tool so you can plan ahead of time.

8 Essential Apps for College Students

2. EnvoyNow

EnvoyNow is an app for students who often find themselves hungry because of too much studying (or partying). It will enable you to find nearby restaurants that can take your order.
It acts as an on-demand food delivery service that is exclusive for college and university students. It also allows you to search for local menus, place your food order, and pay for it by using the app. Your order should be delivered within 30 minutes.

8 Essential Apps for College Students

3. DormChat


DormChat is precisely designed to bring college communities and college kids closer together. After signing up, the app will allow you to join one of the 200+ school communities that are included in the app.
It will also enable you to meet new people by chatting with them through group or private messages. It is a safe place for college students to meet because everyone would be asked a valid college email to be able to participate.

8 Essential Apps for College Students

4. Roomie
For most students, leaving to go to college mean you have to live in a dorm room and probably settle with one or more roommates. Most of the time you will not be able to pick your own roommates which can be uncomfortable to some but through Roomie, you will be able to pick your own potential dorm mate from your college.
It works quite similarly like Tinder for it will let you give a thumbs up or thumbs down on a certain candidate’s page.

8 Essential Apps for College Students5. Yeti Campus Stories

Yeti Campus Stories is an app that is very much like with Snapchat; but gives focus on campuses and college students.
This application will let you share pictures and videos wherein you can add captions regarding your local school grounds area. Anyone using the app will be able to see your post by checking out the featured school or peeking at the trending feed.

8 Essential Apps for College Students6. StudETree

StudETree is great tool for those who are looking for a cheap alternative to very pricey textbooks. By using this app, you can avoid paying for a full price to a certain book. It will also allow you to sell your old textbooks that you will no longer use in the future.

8 Essential Apps for College Students



OOHLALA is an app that can help you organize your social tasks. It will help you build your own timetable that will keep you on top of the tasks you have. This application will also help you keep track of your friends’ timetables.

8 Essential Apps for College Students

8. PocketPoints

PocketPoints is the app you need if you require assistance when it comes to saving money. The application rewards students with points if they decide not to use their phones during their classes. These points can be used to get discounts and deals at places all around your campus. PocketPoints will not only help you save some cash but also keeps you from being distracted while in class.
Minimize the pain and anxiety of going to school by using these apps. Your college life can be fun and productive; you just have to know how to manage it.

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Strengthen Couple Bond with LoveByte App





LoveByte is a mobile app that provides a private space for two to communicate, share things and remember precious moments.

LoveByte, the mobile app that specialises in helping couples improve their relationship and stay connected, aims to make dating and communication fun, even beyond Valentine’s Day.


As a niche private app for two people, couples can chat in the app, share every detail of their life as photos, notes and dates. However, LoveByte offer special features that improve couple bonding and communication to be even more personal and unique.

Secret Message: Fun, private surprises in everyday communication

Apart from sending each other cute stickers, couples on LoveByte can also send secret messages to each other. The recipient gets to rub the screen to unveil what is being sent, like a scratchcard. Inside it, the message can get as creative as the sender plans it to be; ranging from a spontanous date invitation, or a simple I Love You.


Staying updated of their partner’s status is extremely useful for couples who are in a long-distance relationship in different timezones and weather conditions to know how their
partner is doing.


Even for those who are not in a long-distance relationship, being able to know their partner’s battery level is useful for situations and helps with

understanding when their partner becomes uncontactable when their battery level has turned low.


Users have full control of turning the feature off if they choose to not give permission and share those information with their partner.

Our Story: A shared treasure chest of precious memories

As time passes, a virtual book will be produced with lovely memories not to be forgotten where all the notes, photos and dates are gathered. Expect couples to go “awww” as they reminisce their shared, love journey.


LoveByte’s founder, Steve Sng said, “There’re many apps on our phone that can take up our attention from things that truly matter. LoveByte is a special app to remind us of the most special person in our life and reminds couples to stay loving and communicate more with each other.”

About LoveByte
LoveByte is a mobile application that provides a private space for two people to communicate, share and timeline precious moments together. Available on iOS and Android at


LoveByte is owned by parent company migme Limited, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: MIG) and quoted on Deutsche Börse: WELA (WKN: A117AB). More at

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