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Android is one of the most versatile and highly customizable mobile operating system the world has seen so far. There is so much mobile app development in the Android sector that mobile app development companies like VeztekUSA have to pace up with the growing demand of the users. However, rooting your Android phone is an interesting way with which you can make your already cool mobile phone even cooler.

To root your Android phone is quite the same as working as administrator on your Windows computer, meaning that you get root access to different hard and soft features of your mobile phone. However, rooting can only work well when you know certain apps which could help you get the best out of your Android phone. So we have decided to make this task easier for you by giving you a round-up of top root apps for an efficient Android phone.

AndroidPIT-root-apps-device-control-w782 Top Root Apps

Device Control – for fine-tuning CPU and kernel

Device Control is an interesting root app that enables you to over-clock or under-volt your Android phone. As a result more power is pumped into your CPU and the amount of battery usage can be limited. Apart from tweaking the CPU, Device Control gives you the option of customizing sound and display features, a build.prop editor and Tasker integration features etc.

maxresdefault Top Root Apps

Flashify – for free and easy flashing

Flashing gives you the opportunity to make your Android phone even more useful and efficient. However, flashing your phone manually can take a lot of time and effort. Flashify is a wonderful root app that allows you easy flashing and is absolutely free. Flashify can flash your boot.img, recovery.img and zip files as well as make a backup of these files on local or cloud storage. You can then further sync the cloud storage with your desktop. It is important to remember that although Flashify is free to use, nevertheless you can do only three flashings per day. So if you want a good number of flashing without wasting much time, then you can either pay or add them in your queue so they can be flashed in the coming days.

Top Root Apps titaniumbackup

Titanium Backup – for best backup options

In the world of continuous date storage, backups are becoming more and more important. Especially in the case of rooting an Android phone, backup can play a big role when you know anything can go wrong and don’t want to lose your files. Nothing beats Titanium Backup when it comes to a good root app for Android phone. It gives you the ease of making and managing full backup of your Android phone.

Top Root Apps greenify

Greenify – for efficient optimization of battery

Greenify is one of the few root apps for Android phones that works well without root as well. The app gives you full control over the battery consumption by your apps through its hibernation tool. You can control the battery consumption of functioning apps or put an app to sleep to save battery. Another great feature launched recently is the ‘Shallow Hibernation’ engine for Android Marshmallow.

Top Root Apps ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer – for effective root file management

A quality file manager can boost the effectiveness of your rooted Android phone manifolds. ES File Explorer is a solid file manager root app that has a root explorer included in it. It has all the features that make file management on a rooted Android phone easier and more efficient.

Top Root Apps DatsSync

DatsSync – for multiple mobile device owners

There are so many mobile devices in the market and many of us own more than one mobile device. To take hassle out of managing and syncing multiple mobile devices, DataSync root app has all the features that you wouldn’t have believed existed a short time ago. DataSync lets you sync together all the devices you own, so you don’t have any glitch putting down one device and picking up another.

Top Root Apps rommanager4

ROM Manager – for easy management of custom ROMs

When you root your Android phone or mobile device, there comes with it a number of awesome features that add a world of customization to your phone. ROMs and kernels are one of these features that can be customized and modified in a rooted phone. ROM Manager is one of the few apps that is all-in-one app for ROM and kernels management. Moreover, there is also a premium version of ROM Manager that allows even more advanced features.

Top Root Apps AndroidPIT-root-apps-Rec-w782

Rec – for sharper screen recording

Screen recording is quite useful for some people including gamers, mobile testing professionals and many others. In this case Rec can prove pretty useful as a root app for Android phones. With this app you are able to say everything and describe your point with recorded actions rather than words.


This is a roundup of the most useful root apps for Android mobile and other Android based hand-held devices. These apps allow you to manage battery consumption, recoveries, ROMs, kernels and everything that a rooted tweaker app could possibly need to keep track of. We hope you would find these tips helpful and useful.

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