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List of Benefits of 4G Boosters



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List of Benefits of 4G Boosters

4G is now being offered by many of the world’s best known telecoms companies, and it might one day become as popular as 3G. 4G offers many benefits over its predecessor, but not everyone can take advantage of it due to poor reception, however, a signal booster can help resolve this issue.
There are many benefits that can be gained by investing in a 4G signal booster. These include:
Better reception
You don’t want an urgent phone call from work or a conversation from friends and family to be cut off because it is impossible to get a good reception. In addition, you don’t want to miss a phone call altogether because it doesn’t ring due to the poor reception. A mobile booster will solve all of those problems for you.


When you purchase the best brand of 4G boosters, it will be compatible with every major network, so no matter which company you hold your contract with, you can be guaranteed an improved signal and a better all-round service.


Easy Installation
You don’t need to spend a lot of money trying to get an expert to improve the signal, the booster kits are simple to install and each kit comes with a full set of instructions to make installation simple


List of Benefits of 4G Boosters

Less stress
It can be stressful if you can’t guarantee if the signal is going to be strong enough. You might be waiting to hear back about a job interview, or some other important event, and not being sure if the reception will be good enough can cause a lot of additional stress.


Better indoor signal
People often find they can get a fantastic reception outside, however, when it comes to getting a decent signal inside, this can prove either difficult or impossible. A 4G booster will improve signal quality whether inside or out.


List of Benefits of 4G Boosters

Mobile Internet
An increasing amount of people now use their mobile phones to connect to the Internet, but unless the 4G signal is adequate, they can often find that it can be a challenge to get access to get good quality mobile Internet access while on the move.
However, as well as boosting cell phone reception, a 4G booster will also improve Internet connectivity, so you can complete all of your necessary Internet tasks while on the move without losing reception. `

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Important Steps to follow while securing Windows VPS




It is exceptionally crucial to secure your Windows VPS. Most of the website owners will not be taking this very seriously. The moment you purchase your Windows VPS hosting and get the login details, securing it is the next smart move. If you do not know how it needs to be done, we are going to share some of the essential steps that will help in keeping your Windows VPS safe and secure.

Step #1

You will have to initially disable the default administrator account and soon after that create another user with the administrator permissions.

You will already have an administrator account that will be created by the hosting provider. Using this account could make you more prone to getting attacked. The attacks are led by bots who tend to log in using brute-force.

It can happen even when you hire a top Windows VPS hosting provider. But, it can be prevented quite easily. All you need to do is create another account with the administrative permissions. It is also better to change the name from ‘admin’ to something else. Using random letters are more useful.


Step #2

The next step would involve keeping a powerful password. Many times people may ignore it. But, securing it is indispensable. Some of the tips that you can use for keeping a strong password are mentioned below –

  • Try to not use variations in the same password
  • Do not use the password more than once.
  • You can try combining small and capital letters, special characters and numbers.
  • Keep the password at least ten characters long.

Using all these tips will help you in creating a random password successfully. If you find it difficult, you can also use some words that you can easily remember and convert them into a strong password. A good password has to be strong and something you can easily remember.


Step #3

Next, you will have to alter the default remote desktop port for making the VPS secure. If you want to use the Windows VPS’ desktop, you will need a remote desktop. It will be running on the 3389 default port. As the port is public, brute-attacks are inevitable. Changing the default port will make things easier. It will be a smart move for preventing any abuse to the server resources.

You can also try choosing a random port number when you plan on going forward with the changing process. You will know exactly how you can change the desktop connection port.


Step #4

You will need an IP based restriction for the remote desktop with the help of the Windows Firewall. It means that you will have to alter the default port for your remote desktop before you restrict unknown IP addresses for gaining access to the VPS hosting you are using. In order to do this, you will need a static IP address as well as an Internet connection.

Note that most of the Cable, Wireless, and Standard home DSL connections don’t have a static IP address. Make sure that you are extra careful when you are restricting the IP addresses. Otherwise, you might lock yourself out.

Step #5

The next move will be to install an antivirus to your VPS hosting. It will be instrumental in keeping all your upload and download files safe. When you have a computer, you are naturally going to spend time browsing the internet. The probability of being attacked by adware, spyware, viruses, and malware are high. An antivirus could be very useful in keeping your VPS secure.


Step #6

Enabling a firewall is also very crucial. There will be a default firewall already present with the Windows operating system. You can use it because it does the job efficiently. It will help you in filtering the information from the web as per your settings as well as prevent malicious software and hackers from attacking.

However, if you want to run critical operations like credit card information procession, Windows Firewall may not work. For advanced operations, you will have to rely on third-party options available in the market. Make sure that you do proper research before you choose a specific type of firewall.


Security is an essential component when you are using the internet. When you leave your servers open, attacks are inevitable. Nobody wants to risk their private and personal information. It is also not wise to give intruders an opportunity for an attack. Therefore, do some research and follow these steps to keep you VPS safe and secure for daily use.

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ZTE MF70 Pocket Wifi Connectivity Whenever, Wherever!



ZTE MF appsgadget

ZTE MF70 is retailed at Php 1,990

The MF70 Pocket Wifi  is the most affordable, flexible mobile broadband solution in the market today. This 3G wireless access point is the ultimate solution for people on-the-go, allowing ten WIFI enabled devices to connect to the internet simultaneously. Now, you can share your connection with your friends, colleagues and family. All they need is your WIFI password and they can enjoy the luxury of surfing the internet.

This versatile broadband access device can be used for laptops and other WIFI-enabled devices such as your smartphones and tablets. MF70 Affordable Pocket Wifi supports download speeds of up to 21.6Mbps. As a plug-and-play device, no special configuration or setting adjustment is needed to use it. Simply turn on the WIFI button to activate the device and you are good to go. It is capable to connect 10 wifi devices at the same time which is great. It is openline so it supports all mobile carriers like Globe, Sun and Smart.

ZTE MF70 Pocket Wifi Affordable

As a versatile portable device, you are not restrained to using the MF70 Pocket Wifi just in the privacy of your own home. Just imagine being able to continue your movies and apps downloads while driving and streaming your much-loved music all in the convenience of having the MF70 in your car or laptop.

Since you are not restricted to one service provider, you can use whatever data SIM card you want, possibilities are endless! The ZTE MF70 is very economical and is a practical solution for people who travel outside the country. Users can simply purchase a local data SIM card to avoid data roaming charges.

MF70 Pocket Wifi is retailed at Php 1,990 and is distributed in the Philippines by MSI-ECS. For availability please email



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