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Let’s Talk About The All New iPhone SE




All New iPhone SE


If you’ve been living under a rock and have absolutely no idea what the new iPhone SE is then worry not, I’ve got you covered. The iPhone SE (stands for Special Edition) is Apple’s new smartphone release. Of course, like all of Apple’s previous smartphones, the iPhone SE is talked about and critiqued by many. A lot of entries in the Apple forums are the common issues and problems with this new release. If you’ve purchased the new iPhone SE and you think that there may be a problem with it, don’t go to an Apple store just yet!

Here is a list of the common symptoms and solutions of the new iPhone SE:

Poor Quality Sound

Some users have reported in the Apple forums that the iPhone SE has poor sound quality especially when it is connected to a vehicle via Bluetooth. Several reports have been issued on and it was noted that this was a common issue with most iPhone SE users. There is still no known solution for this issue since it seems to be a software issue but users have claimed that they have contacted Apple support and have had their issues raised up to priority level. Rest assured, Apple is working on a solution for this in their next software update.


Frozen Screen

A frozen or lagging screen seems to be a common issue with most smartphones but this should not be the case with the new iPhone SE. While it is only 4 inches, its processor is the all new A9 chip so a slow smartphone should be the least of your problems. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

According to Adity Bera of,

“The new iPhone SE seems to function dynamically but some of the users have reported some bugs while using the iPhone SE. Although it seems to be temporary in nature but it could be pretty annoying. Users have witnessed frozen screens on their iPhone SE’s. Your device could have this problem either because of software or a hardware problem; it is mostly a software problem that freezes the screen of iPhone SE.


Clean the screen of your iPhone SE. There are times when the screen becomes unresponsive because of some oil stains or any sort of liquid on it. Using a soft white cotton cloth clean your phone and it will start functioning fine.


A simple restart could fix your problem most of the times.

If restarting doesn’t help try resetting your iPhone SE. Hold the Home button and the sleep/wake button together for a few seconds and let go of the buttons once the Apple logo comes on the screen. Your iPhone SE should be up and running now.

If you find the problem is still persisting try connecting your phone to your PC and use iTunes to restore the OS. Keep in mind to back up your important data before you can restore in iTunes.

If your iPhone SE does not show in the iTunes or the restoring process fails there might be a hardware problem which is causing your device to freeze. If a small amount of liquid finds its way in, your iPhone SE’s battery, its internal components, and the processor could be affected. It is best that you contact Apple in such crucial times.”

iMessage Issues


Users have complained that a big issue with the new Apple iPhone SE is the iMessage issues. Some new messages would be marked as Read even before the user is able to read the message. Messages would also be delayed for hours and some aren’t even received at all. A quick solution to this before taking drastic measure is to toggle the iMessage settings. Turn it on and off. You may also try rebooting your SE and lastly, try to reset you smartphone’s network settings via Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Battery Life

Battery life has always been an issue with Apple smartphones. It seems that Apple can never prolong their smartphone batteries. In this case, instead of doing a usual reboot. Figure out which apps are eating away and draining your battery. A great new feature on the iOS 9 is that it lets you know which app is the most battery heavy. Go to Settings>Battery>wait for Battery Usage to populate> Show Detailed Usage then check which apps consume the most power in a specific timeframe. From there, you can determine which apps should be deleted or which apps should always be turned off when not in use.

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How to fix Turbo Card App Not Working [2020]



Many users are facing issue that the turbo app card is not working in their iPhone, android phone. The user is not able to login to turbo app.  The issue seems to persist for some users for weeks. This is very annoying as all the tax related important work is done through it. The issue is spread across different phone models like iPhone , Samsung and other Android phones.

How to fix the issue Turbo Card app not working :

If you are unable to login in to Turbo Card app, the issue seems to be server side issue and in this case you should wait for sometimes for issue to get resolved itself. If this does not help you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app again.

Workaround to make turbo app card work for you to is you can call the card and the automatic voice recording should be able to tell you the balance on the card.
Best way to get this fixed by reaching the turbo card app support
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How to fix Roblox online Game not loading



How to fix Roblox online Game not loading [2020]


Roblox is great game creation system with millions of users around the world. But there are issue where issue is reported that Roblox is not working properly or stuck on loading.

Many online game users are facing issue while playing Roblox online. The issue is when a user joins Roblox nothing happens and game is stuck on loading; Only thing that appears is skybox for the game and nothing else will load in Roblox game.  

Roblox not loading 

Troubleshooting steps to fix Roblox not loading 2020:


Fix 1 : Wait for sometimes


There are chances that Roblox servers are overloaded and due to this you are facing in accessing the Roblox. Please wait for few minutes the outage issue generally get resolved on its own.



Fix 2: Reset internet options in Chrome


Open Google Chrome

Click the three dots to open Settings

Tap on advance tab to open more setting


Reset and clean up

Restoring setting to original default


Fix 3: Check your Firewall



Generally the Internet security and antivirus software can block suspicious programs running in your PC. Make sure you will access to Roblox program as below

Configure Firewall/Security programs

  • Windows control panel-> Firewall
  • Go to Program Permissions section
  • Find Roblox and allow unrestricted access to the internet


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iPhone 11 wide angle Camera not working



iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max with iOS 13.4 users are facing problems in using wide angle camera function. The Wide Angle camera feature stopped working in iPhone 11. The issue is faced while taking photos and not with the videos. The Wide angle feature of iPhone not working white taking photos.

iPhone 11 wide angle not working

The Apple flagship iPhone 11 Pro has two lenses, a wide-angle and ultrawide-angle lens with a 120-degree field of view. Both use 12-megapixel sensors. A wide-angle lens gets as much as possible in a shot. But camera in iPhone 11 seems to stuck in 2x zoom and not letting zoom in more. The  iphone won’t give the option to use the wide angle and  works in time laps and slow motion
As soon as you will open the camera app it will automatically goes into 2x zoom mode and only allows to zoom out to 1x and not to move 5x etc. Restart the phone does not help to solve the issue and user are stuck with the camera issue in iPhone 11.
How to fix camera wide angle not working in iPhone 11
Fix 1 : Use third party app

Wide angle not working in iPhone 11 seems like a software issue because the wide angle still work in third party app like Lightroom. Please use camera with these app, hope this helps.
Fix 2: Ask for replacement
Please get your iPhone 11 checked at Apple support centre and still they don’t have a permanent fix, you can ask for replacement.

Fix 3: Reset the iPhone 11
One easy solution which is working for some iPhone 11 user, but not for all is to reset your iPhone. This will not delete any data from iPhone. Go to Setting->General->Reset.
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