Mobile App Marketing Strategies to ensure that your app is an instant hit


Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Mobile users today are pretty much focused on what they need and where to find it. In fact, 63% of downloads that happen on the App Store are through searches that are made on the App Store directly! Thus, understanding the pulse of the users is important to ensure that your app does figure on the App Store or on Google Play when the user searches using a specific keyword or searches for an app in a specific area or an app to solve a particular problem. As a leading mobile app development company, we recommend that you pay attention to the following in order to make your app a roaring success.

  • Understand the search intention of the end user
  • Click through rate and discoverability of your app

Understanding the search intention of the end user
Users tend to look for specific features or specific functions in an app that can help them ease a certain function or be the solution to some problem they regularly face. What developers need to understand here is that a mobile device is very different from a laptop or PC and thus maybe used for very different purposes. In such a scenario, a web based search and a search on mobile devices would be drastically different. We usually focus on the search queries in both the App Store and Google Play to understand the search intention of the users and this has helped us make a huge number of successful apps. We recommend that you do the same irrespective of which mobile applications platform you are working on.
Click through rate is a critical metric to be considered
There is a lot of focus on App Store page conversion and this has taken the attention away from the most important metric to be considered – the click through rate. While the App Store page conversion is actually the metric that tells you about the users who visit the page and then download it from App Store, the click through rate is the metric that gives you an idea about listings that are search related.
If you wish for your app to be successful, you should focus on this metric as this metric is the most crucial for mobile app marketing. Every successful mobile app development company works with this metric; we most certainly do!
Is your app discoverable on the App Store?
There are a couple of factors that help in boosting the discoverability of your app and they are:

  • App Icon
  • Title of the App
  • Description added
  • Screenshots

The app icon is the first thing that strikes the user’s eye and you have to spend a lot of effort on this if you want your app to be successful. As a leading mobile app development company, we usually test our icon and user feedback and inputs by means of ads to see how users actually react to various icons and only then arrive at the final image.
The title must contain the popular searched keywords and ASO tools (Sensor Tower or Straply) could help you in this regard.
The Description needs to be compelling and must rivet the user’s attention to your app and prompt him/her to download and install it on their mobile device. Keywords and their placement too are quite important and you will have to revisit this time and again to ensure good ranking.
Screenshots are direct ads for your app and they need to look interesting and capture the essence of your app in a nutshell if they are to attract users.

Mobile App Marketing Strategies

In our experience, we have seen many an app fail as the developers’ focus on these areas was poor and however fascinating your idea, it needs to stand out and rank in order to capture the users’ attention and these techniques can help you get a good app ranking and attract users whatever be your mobile applications platform.
We hope these tips do help you when you devise a development and marketing strategy for your app. Good Luck!

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