7 Common Android Errors and Their Solutions


7 Common Android Errors

Android is the most widely chosen platform of the smartphones. A lot of users across the world are using Android devices to enjoy the freedom of downloading any app they want, pairing device to any device the user wants and using many apps for free. Hence, Android offers such amazing features; it is also possible that sometimes the user may face some errors relevant to functionality of his Android Smartphone or any other android device.
Finding solutions for some common errors sometimes becomes too difficult due to lack of knowledge. The users don’t know how to resolve the errors and thus they run the devices without fixing occurred problems. We have share useful details regarding some common android problems and their solutions. You must check these details to fix some common errors of your Android device by yourself.

7 Common Android Errors
Google Play Store Crashed:
Has it ever happened that you have opened the Google Play Store and suddenly it crashed? If yes, there is corrupt cache data in your device. That data is quite necessary to be removed otherwise your device will show the same error again and again. The easiest way of prevent crashing of Google Play Store is cleaning the cache data. Go to App Settings of your device and search for the Google Play Store. Now open it, clear the cash and other memory it is locating. Now restart your device and the problem will be solved.

7 Common Android Errors


Insufficient Space on Device:
One of the most common Android errors people face nowadays is no space on the device while downloading or updating other apps. Many individuals connect their device to the PC so that they can check the memory status, but they find nothing. What users should do is checking the internal storage, where many unnecessary apps grab a lot of space. Now check for those apps in settings, clear their data and cache and restart the device. The insufficient space issue will get solved easily.


Syncing Error:
Many users across the world face this problem. It is quite troubling, when an Android device refuses to synchronize the data. Users get frustrated about it and search for the solutions. The solution is removing all the account related details from the device and then you should restart it. Now you should feed the user account details into your device and it will synchronize the data according to your requirements. It is as simple as mentioned.
Data Cal Failure:
This problem arises, when your network operator attempts to send any unwanted software in your device. The user may not be able to get data usage due to this error and it can be fixed easily by doing some easy changes in the device and its web browser. First update your profile and then set web browser’s settings to default. Consequently, your device will get updated automatically and you won’t face trouble due to this error.
Installation Unsuccessful:
Many people, who use Android smartphones and tabs, face this error when they try to download a new app. Many of them consider it as a network error because they have no idea about the functionality of android platform based devices. This error is related to Google Play Store and it is quite simple to fix. All the users need to do is checking the settings of Google Play Store to clear cache data. It takes only a few seconds to clear the cache and data and then the user can easily install or download the app.


Battery Drain Issue:
Regardless of what version of Android OS you are using in your device or how costly Android device you are using, the low battery issue occurs quite frequently. Every Smartphone user is frustrated because of this issue and they are looking for quick and quality solution. The Android devices drain battery quite quickly when the user is using apps like maps, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or tethering. All the users can do to prevent low battery issues is switching off the battery draining apps, when there is no use. It can help them in maintaining battery power of the device for a long time.
The User Interface Error:
One of the most common errors with Android devices is the User Interface is not working. There may be many reasons behind this error, but fixing it is quite simple. You should first try to fix this error by rebooting the device. If that trick doesn’t work, then you should clear the cache of UI app and then reboot the device. It will certainly work and your Android device’s User Interface will work smoothly.
Above mentioned errors are very common errors occur in Android Devices. Many people take their devices to the service centers whenever such normal errors occur. There is no need to do so because you can fix any common issue with the Android device by yourself. It will take only a few minutes and the problem will be solved.



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