Enterprise Mobile App Development 5 Best Practices

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Enterprise Mobile App Development 5 Best Practices

If you own an enterprise IT or you’re working in one, the definite odds are that you already have a task of building a mobile app, or you have a project in the pipeline for developing one. There is a rapid pace of businesses and enterprises being backlogged with the pressure of building a mobile app. For 2016 and years to come, apps are an answer to any and all business needs.

Anyone who is asked to develop an app for the first time would look into all the factors that differentiate between building and app and developing an enterprise application. There will be languages, frameworks, SDKs, and APIs and so many other factors taking your focus. This focus along with pressure of to gain competitive advantage will also be on your nerves.

The approach of businesses and enterprise to get apps rolling speedily is termed as Rapid Mobile App Development. RMAD is based on code free programming tools that enable speedy development process. RMAD creates both customer facing and internal apps as well. Its object oriented web based software facilitating processes as reusing software components, early prototyping, and enhanced team level communication.

While you are doing all this, you might miss out some important things-the factors that will differentiate a successful app from the one that will just fulfill the purpose of being an app. Well, there’s one secret to this entire process-developing an enterprise app is like creating a mobile app-but with different details! If you’re standing at this point for the first time and need assistance with getting the first step right, take help of a reputable service provider.

VeztekUSA is one mobile app development company that has experts for enterprise application development. You can contact them for the development process or seek their consultation-the choice is yours. Through assistance of their development team, some success stories of app development, and our personal experience; we are presenting a list of practices that can help you in successful enterprise app development:

#1- Keep the Targeted Audience in Mine-

Before you even start the process of app development or before getting that started from a service provider, keep the audience you are to target in mind. Ensure that you are aware of the types of users they are, their challenges, and their demands should be high priority. Another major concern will also be about how your solution is going to offer help to your users.

#2- User Experience-

If an app is not usable, it’s not successful. Focus on creating an app that is user friendly and intuitive; invest in the GUI of each platform. The usability of an app defines its acceptance rate, optimization, and ultimately the success of your app. Before releasing the app, ensure the functionality of your app on all platforms is retained.

#3- Mobile App Security-

Your mobile app should be heavily guarded. Yet the mobile apps are vulnerable by definition but you should also take security measures and privacy very seriously. Keep your users and their data very close to yourself. Some of the main practices in ensuring security include; hashing, TLS/SSL, user authentication, and encryption of data stored in cloud.

#4- Testing-

Testing each and every step of a process is important for testing an app. Once you have tested the design, functionality, performance, interaction with other apps, tested on all the platforms and multiple browsers and carriers-finally test it with real users and then test it again. Testing is just not another step but a part of every step.

#5- Respond-

When you build your app, remember to build an analytic feature for tracking and monitoring user activity, crash logs, interactions, and for all other events as well. This will help you understand where you need to improve, what else you need to add, and how what your users are experiencing. By responding to feedbacks and analytics, you are getting ideas for improving your app, its features, and usability.


Enterprises are dynamic for thriving in modern ecosystem. Building successful mobile enterprise apps is never simple, but doing the right way by keeping all the processes and steps into consideration will help you easily reach your destination.

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