Libratone Announced Three New Bluetooth Speakers in June. Are They Good?


As audio companies go, Libratone is one of the most visual. It’s products are stylish and definitely in the genre of tech-fashion. Back in June this year, the company released three new portable, Bluetooth speakers. And since then it has set the industry alight. Here are some Bluetooth speakers that actually look as if they are meant to be paired with an iMac.

Over the last couple of months, there’s been time to review these new products. So do they sound as good as they look?

Libratone ONE Click

Libratone ONE Click is about the size of a large pack of playing cards. The speaker itself is in the shape of a brick. But it’s encased in a rubbery shell. The shell itself is decorated with rubber humps. But these don’t do much, other than improving its looks. The speaker also comes with a hoop. So expect to see this hanging off a bicycle handlebar near you.

The device is loud and quite powerful. However, the sound quality for £139 RRP isn’t what you might get from a Bluetooth device from Bose. And the Bose competitor is marginally cheaper. The Libratone gets full marks for design, however. And it also comes with a very intelligent volume control.

When it comes to volume, the speaker does well. Although it’s not as loud as the Sony SRS X-55 reviewed on


The biggest downside of the unit is that it comes with only one tweeter. But for sound quality, multiple tweeters are better.




Libratone ONE Style

The One Style is basically a sexed-up version of the ONE Click. It comes with a beautiful smooth shell. And the fob is more stylish than it is on the Click. According to, it comes with Bluetooth +1 technology. This technology enables users to link multiple Bluetooth speakers together. That’s handy if you want to stream your Spotify to a large group of people.

The ONE Style also comes with a significantly extended battery life. The speaker is capable of pumping out tunes for up to 12 hours. And the unit is IPX4 splash proof. So that’s good if you’re a summer festival goer.

There’s also something to be said about the ease at which this device connect to other platforms. It seems that Libratone has been working hard in this area.

Libratone TOO

Finally, we come to the TOO. Libratone deliberately designed this device in the shape of a bottle. It’s designed to fit in your pocket as you walk around, listening to music. Like the Style and the Click, the TOO comes with a helpful key fob. But it also comes with a convenient stop and play button on the device itself. The TOO comes in at a little cheaper than the other two at £109. But for that money, you get rubbery feet and a durable frame. Like the other two speakers, it’s one that emphasizes design over sound quality. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The TOO also promises to allow users to experience 360 degrees sound, so long as they have the right app. Essentially, this is a Bluetooth speaker designed to be paired with a smartphone and for use on the go.

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