Perks of Playing Pokemon Go



Perks of Playing Pokemon Go

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While mom and dad are talking to broker about a possible home they can pick out from many Tagaytay homes for sale, the kids can go out and about looking for Pokemon to catch.

People who aren’t informed about Pokemon would probably assume Pikachu is the only Pokemon, or that game with the Pikachu, or that show with Pikachu and the perpetually ten year old kid, or that card game. They’re sort of right, as Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures, the three companies who own the rights to Pokemon, have accepted that Pikachu is the face of Pokemon, even if they’ve tried so many times to create another Pokemon that would outdo Pikachu’s charm. Pokemon is also a series of video games which started in 1996. Pokemon is also an anime (Japanese animation) and a manga (Japanese comic books) based on the video games. And last but not least, Pokemon is a trading card game based on the video games and was first published in 1996.

As you can see, Pokemon, created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995, is a huge trend for anybody who’s interested in whatever kind of media they prefer, from games, to animation, to manga, to trading cards.
Gaming out of the house

Perks of Playing Pokemon Go

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Since Pokemon is a game, most assume that those who play it lead sedentary lifestyles. Gamers are stereotypically shut-ins who prefer to stay at home and play their games rather than going outside.
Pokemon GO, an augmented reality game released by developer studio Niantic, seemed to change that. Pokemon GO is a mobile game (available for Android and iOS) that implores the user to actually walk out and look for Pokemon.
Pokemon GO has become so big that establishments are using lures that can be bought in game to attract Pokemon to their shops so people can go to them and catch Pokemon. Other things that demand physical activity from the app is hatching Pokemon eggs. To be able to hatch these eggs, the user must walk either two, five, or ten kilometers for the egg to hatch, and it must be done walking, or the app won’t register the distance if you’re going too fast.

The game is forcing people, even those who hate exercising, to go out and walk double or triple what they walk every day just to catch Pokemon. And they walk even further just to be able to hatch an egg. It’s actually motivating people to exercise and that’s a good thing! Walking and jogging can improve cardiovascular health. Going out on long walks also burns all of those calories taken in throughout the day, and better yet, enjoying the world around you and meeting new friends and fellow trainers, instead of shutting yourself in your house.
Without even realizing it, these Pokemon trainers, who probably have never even thought of getting out to walk as exercise have probably walked about 5km or more every day just to hatch an egg, and that’s a great start toward a healthier life. People can appreciate their surroundings more and meet new people and make more friends.
However, please remember to not play Pokemon GO while driving!

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