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PokemonGo:StrongestBug TypePokemons


Insects have been around for a long time already. Many are beneficial to mankind and the society while there are others that are pests. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, bed bugs—all of these are considered as pests. Once they made your house into a breeding ground, it’s time for you to call pest control to exterminate them.

Because insects are rampant, it is no surprise that they were incorporated in one of the world’s most iconic games ever. In Pokemon, there are these so-called Bug-Types. These types are weak to Fire, Fighting, Electric, and Steel to name a few but they are highly effective against Grass, Psychic and Dark. Many Pokemon players overlook Bug Types because of their weak defense, but the following Bug Types are among the coolest Pokemon there is in the Generation I games:


Top 3: Beedrill
Beedrill is one of the original Bug Type Pokemon. It evolves from Kakuna at level 10, ending the Player’s frustration in the moves Harden and Tackle. In the Generation 1 games, Beedrill doesn’t have much of a competitive viability, has poor stats and an average typing. However, in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, this Pokemon was given a mega evolution, changing everything.
As Mega Beedrill, it has the highest Attack and Speed base stats among all Poison-type Pokemon. Despite its low defense, Mega Beedrill is incredibly fast so the enemy is considered lucky if it can land a hit on Mega Beedrill. With the ability Adaptability, its STAB moves gain a double boost rather than the typical 1.5. The mega evolution transformed (no pun intended) Beedrill from a pretty useless creature into a powerful Pokemon that enemies feared.


Top 2: Scyther
Arguably one of the best Bug-type in the first generation, Scyther is fast and has a decent attack stat. No wonder it is a favorite among fans. However, things took a turn when Scyther got an evolution in Generation II, which is Scizor, a Bug/Steel type. Things became even better when Scizor got a mega evolution in the Generation 6 games. Compared to Scyther, Scizor has only one weakness and the great overall stats became even better. With a fantastic typing for an evolution and awesome-looking mega evolution, what’s not to love about Scyther?


Top 1: Pinsir
Despite its cool design and okay stats, only a few people appreciated Pinsir. It didn’t have any STAB (Same Type Attack Boost) moves until the Generation 4 games and the fact that it was a Bug Type made a lot of people overlook the potential of this Pokemon. It was one of the underused Pokemon… until Generation 6.
In Generation 6, Pinsir was blessed with a mega evolution. Players became crazy because of the amazing design, turning this giant cockroach into a one-sweep nightmare. At mega evolution, Pinsir becomes a Bug/Flying type. With the ability Aerilate, Mega Pinsir can hit its enemy with the force of a truck. Quick Attack gets a boost from Aerilate and STAB and, when coupled with Swords Dance, ups Mega Pinsir’s already huge attack stat.

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