Top Android Apps that You Must have

Best launcher app for Android

Top Android Apps that You Must have file manager app

Looking for the best apps for android can be daunting. Whether you are looking for an awesome weather app or a good browser, you will find hundreds available. We have spent hours making the list of top and awesome Android apps for everyone. Here are some of the Android apps of 2016 that are best as per our knowledge.
Best file manager app for Android
The light has been taken up by ES File Explorer. We have tested some alternatives even and give below are some.
The app on which we settled down is Solid Explorer. It has many features and thus its really easy to use because of its Material Design UI. It has a comfortable double-panel display which helps a lot while navigating two separate folders and even while dragging a file from one folder to other. It also provide support for data transfer with cloud services for example Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive, and also the FTP servers, make it an awesome all-in-one solution for the file mergers.

Some of the features it has are ZIP, hidden folders and RAR archive extraction. You can even customize it with color schemes and icons.

You can try out this app for free for the first 2 weeks but later then you will have the option to pay $2 so, you don’t have anything to lose by trying it.

Top Android Apps that You Must have weather app for Android
Best weather app for Android

You must have seen that there are huge numbers of weather apps available on the play store that shows accurate data and provide better looks than the ones that come installed on the Android device.

MORECAST is the one app that is currently our favorite weather app the reason being is that it has provides the best interfaces, with a neat and clear format and awesome layout. It’s also considered as one of the most advanced apps in this category. This app features the options like you can compare the weather of two cities side-by-side, and you can easily get accurate weather report for a particular area, route or journey. MORECAST Thus seems to be the right app to be installed on a smartphone, and the best about it is, it’s free. You can buy these apps by saving some money, as you can use Tatacliq promo codes.

Top Android Apps that You Must have Best launcher app for Android

Best launcher app for Android
Launchers are the best and simplest way to customize the feel and look and feel of the Android phone. They usually have new icons, app drawer layout with good looks, a new and awesome homescreen and also the new wallpaper that makes your device look fit for a certain style.

You should try them out in order to know how fun it can be and the best one we are recommending right now is Action Launcher 3. This seems to be an excellent app to launchers because this app provides neat and clear and intuitive interface that changes without adding much of stuffs to it.

Action Launcher 3 allows you to perform some simple tweaks and customization for example changing the layout of app drawer, changing the app icons, and even you can change the way of using the homescreen folders.

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