6 Apps You Can Use to Improve Your Phone’s Performance


Using a smartphone in today’s generation might already be considered as a part of our culture and definitely included in our daily routines. Once the phone requires to be repaired, users rush to their trusted repair shops nearest them. However, IOS does not require applications to boost its performance. For the android users though, here are some recommended apps you can use to improve your phone’s performance.

1. Software Update
First and foremost, it is important to update the software of your android phone because the updates of android provide great upgrades that will change the performance of your phone. Stay tuned and check regularly whether there is an update in the settings of your phone.

software update


2. Greenify
If you’re looking for an application which will put to rest or hibernate the apps downloaded in the phone that you don’t currently use, get Greenify to reduce its background processing but the apps you have will still normally function that won’t cause any fuss. Remember to root your device to further improve its performance.



3. Clean Master
The Clean Master app is considered as one of the commendable performance boosting apps for Android phones because it can optimize the performance, free up the RAM and storage space, protect the privacy of sites and apps used, and save the battery life. The features of the app are outstanding as you see all the unwanted files to be deleted. It even has a one-press setting for easier access. Surely, Clean Master is an efficient tool for your phone.



4. Volume Boost
Enhance the volume of your smartphone better by downloading Volume Boost. Some phones do not maximize the volume capacity of the phone so with this app, it can automatically adjust its audio setting.



5. Nova Launcher
Some apps that change the appearance of your phone affect the speed and overall performance which is annoying for most users. Nova Launcher changes this common notation as it balances the general presence and utility customization of the phone without negatively affecting the performance of your phone. Choose from thousands of options such as the theme, icon pack, folder settings, and so much more. This is one of the many advantages of an Android phone – changing its appearance based on your preference.



6. App2SD
If you prefer to save majority of your files on your SD card including those on the internal storage, App2SD is the one you’re looking for. Free up the internal memory space of your phone as you use this application. Unfortunately, unlike all previously mentioned apps, the basic version is only free. If you love how this app works, pay for its full version.

After knowing these applications, it will surely make you want to download them right? Just connect to a good connection online to download all the preferred apps of choice to improve the performance of your phone.

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