8 Essential Apps for College Students


8 Essential Apps for College Students

Several universities from across the world are starting out their school year this month of September. Some students from Civil Engineering University in Manila, as well as other colleges, are finding themselves anxious of going back to begin a new school term.
This is understandable, of course, because these people may be feeling quite unprepared but there are new innovations, such as various phone applications, which are able to help out certain individuals in different situations. Here are eight apps that can ease the process of coming back to your school.

8 Essential Apps for College Students

1.Wigo Summer
Wigo Summer (formerly known as Wigo) helps students ease their transitions from their summer breaks and into the school year by assisting them to find interesting events at their own colleges and universities that they can get involved with.
You can use this app to see what is going on in your city by adding friends and tracking their events. It also has a built-in chat tool so you can plan ahead of time.

8 Essential Apps for College Students

2. EnvoyNow

EnvoyNow is an app for students who often find themselves hungry because of too much studying (or partying). It will enable you to find nearby restaurants that can take your order.
It acts as an on-demand food delivery service that is exclusive for college and university students. It also allows you to search for local menus, place your food order, and pay for it by using the app. Your order should be delivered within 30 minutes.

8 Essential Apps for College Students

3. DormChat

DormChat is precisely designed to bring college communities and college kids closer together. After signing up, the app will allow you to join one of the 200+ school communities that are included in the app.
It will also enable you to meet new people by chatting with them through group or private messages. It is a safe place for college students to meet because everyone would be asked a valid college email to be able to participate.

8 Essential Apps for College Students

4. Roomie
For most students, leaving to go to college mean you have to live in a dorm room and probably settle with one or more roommates. Most of the time you will not be able to pick your own roommates which can be uncomfortable to some but through Roomie, you will be able to pick your own potential dorm mate from your college.
It works quite similarly like Tinder for it will let you give a thumbs up or thumbs down on a certain candidate’s page.

8 Essential Apps for College Students5. Yeti Campus Stories

Yeti Campus Stories is an app that is very much like with Snapchat; but gives focus on campuses and college students.
This application will let you share pictures and videos wherein you can add captions regarding your local school grounds area. Anyone using the app will be able to see your post by checking out the featured school or peeking at the trending feed.

8 Essential Apps for College Students6. StudETree

StudETree is great tool for those who are looking for a cheap alternative to very pricey textbooks. By using this app, you can avoid paying for a full price to a certain book. It will also allow you to sell your old textbooks that you will no longer use in the future.

8 Essential Apps for College Students


OOHLALA is an app that can help you organize your social tasks. It will help you build your own timetable that will keep you on top of the tasks you have. This application will also help you keep track of your friends’ timetables.

8 Essential Apps for College Students

8. PocketPoints

PocketPoints is the app you need if you require assistance when it comes to saving money. The application rewards students with points if they decide not to use their phones during their classes. These points can be used to get discounts and deals at places all around your campus. PocketPoints will not only help you save some cash but also keeps you from being distracted while in class.
Minimize the pain and anxiety of going to school by using these apps. Your college life can be fun and productive; you just have to know how to manage it.

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