5 Top Web Browsers for iPhone


5 Top Web Browsers for iPhone

The question that arises in most Apple or iPhone users is “Which is the best Web browser for Apple devices?”. Well, most of the web browser work quite similar to each other, and so it can be a little difficult to say which is the best one. But yes, we can compare the top 5 web browser available for iOS devices.

Certainly, Safari is the best web browser for iOS devices. It is pre installed on your device and works amazingly well. Still, there are thousands of web browsers available on your iTune store. Therefore, let’s discuss the top 5 web browser applications for iOS devices:-
5 Top Web Browsers for iPhone


  • Chrome



Generally, Google Chrome is constantly in a fight with Safari browser. It has been competing with safari for a long time now. It provides you with awesome features like rearranging the tabs, create new tabs, watch them in a 3D manager view. Chrome has a beautiful and strong user interface as compared to other web browsers. Google Chrome is a user friendly application that has been helping people from a long time now.
5 Top Web Browsers for iPhone


  • Ghostery



Ghostery Browser is a mobile browser that allows your device to stay safe from hackers and unwanted advertisements. Its main aim is to provide you with ad free surfing. Thus, there are provisions in the browser to block hackers and advertisements. Though the app does allow you to be safe, it does have some shortcomings that are non negotiable. Where Safari and Chrome provide you with lightning fast speed and amazing user interface, Ghostery has a little low speed in comparison. Indeed this does hamper your surfing experience. Most probably the application doesn’t work well with Safari or any other browser installed in your device.
5 Top Web Browsers for iPhone


  • Opera Mini Web Browser



Opera Mini web browser derives from the king of open source desktop browsers. It began as a simple Pilot project in 2004. Since then it is competing with the most efficient web browsers like Chrome and Safari. For that matter, Opera Mini web browser allows you to experience one of the best surfing procedures. It is quite smooth on your iOS devices. Opera Mini makes 90% of downloading easy and simple with just one touch. Infact, the application run amazingly well with limited bandwidth.

5 Top Web Browsers for iPhone


  • Dolphin Browser



Dolphin may not be the best web browser application for iOS devices but it can be the best innovative app ever used on any device. Dolphin beautifully saves your bookmarks, tabs, history and much more in just one click.  While other apps provide you with the same old school features, Dolphin gives you valuable and intrinsic features. It is highly rooted in social networkings sites like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and many more. You can share absolutely anything on the sites without any extra struggle to open the site in other tab.


There is no doubt that Dolphin provides you with beautiful gesture feature that allow you to shifts from one tab to another through a simple gesture. There is a lot to explore in this application, therefore, we would recommend you to try it out!
5 Top Web Browsers for iPhone


  • Safari



Safari is an in built web browser in iOS devices. Safari is the fastest web browser until now. Thanks to its exclusive Javascript engine. Safari competes with other alternatives with its amazing features. It provides you with voice recognition search. Safari Web Browser is contained with all the basic features of a web browser. It is the most useful application that an iOS device can have.

5 Top Web Browsers for iPhone

Final Words
These are the top 5 web browser applications for iOS devices. They all serve you with good surfing speed and awesome features to list. You all can try them on your Apple devices.

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