Globe Switch Top 5 Apps Downloads

Clash of Clans offer on Globe Switch

Globe Switch Top 5 Apps Downloads

We round up the most downloaded hot deals that you can enjoy on the new Globe Switch app

Your search for the best online deals need not go too far as the all-in-one Globe Switch already puts together the hottest apps and mobile offers to continue enjoying your digital lifestyle!

Whether it’s capturing that perfect Instagram photo or putting that cool filter to your recent Snap, Globe Switch has the right app deal for you! Here are the top five most downloaded apps on Globe Switch that gives you some of the best in entertainment, gaming, music and connectivity.

Globe Switch Top 5 Apps Downloads

1. The number one spot of course goes to the phenomenal Pokemon Go app that forever changed app interactivity forever! With its creative features within augmented reality, you literally sweat it out to catch that Pokemon! Get to play it through 3 different promo offers on Globe Switch.

Globe Switch Top 5 Apps Downloads

2. Next app is Facebook! Yes, it still holds one of the top spots! More than just a social media app, Facebook has become part of our everyday digital lifestyle as we naturally check it from time to time whether for sharing random status updates and links, to posting our latest photos. Now that Facebook is part of our daily habit, you can get it on Globe Switch.

3. Entertainment steals the scene as the third spot goes to YouTube. With a wide variety of content available for its users, this app has featured videos that resonate well with their viewers. Ranging from make-up tutorials, to unboxing videos, and even school hacks, it has been a go-to app to tons of cool content! Enjoy access through your handy Globe Switch app!

4. With just a simple thumbs-up, staying connected with either one person or a large group has been simplified with Facebook Messenger. This app has been an instant message courier on the spot. With GIFs, emoticons, and other added exciting features, friends and family have surely been going crazy chatting with this app. In any Globe promo, get to enjoy unlimited messaging plus a 20MB hot deal for each subscriber!

Globe Switch Top 5 Apps Downloads

5. Last but definitely not the least is Clash of Clans. People have been taking this game seriously by building and protecting their fortresses against their game-mates and friends. Through regular maintenance, they have built their fortresses and trained their clans against others with up to 100MB up for grabs through the Globe Switch App!


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