Grab GrabChat Free Messaging For Passengers and Drivers


Grab GrabChat Free Messaging

GrabChat is the new instant messaging platform within the Grab app that ensures seamless communication between you and your driver. You can enjoy this feature by updating your Grab app!

With GrabChat, drivers can send you templated messages. With just one tap, they can tell you ā€œIā€™m near Ayala!ā€. It is also easier to gauge your estimated time of pick up, help your driver identify you, and be en route to your destination quickly. To ensure your privacy ,all your conversations are deleted once the journey is complete. It’s like a snapchat for Grab drivers/passengers šŸ™‚


The Grab messenger is also free, so you don’t have to send text messages or call the driver if where is the current location or why is it taking him to long to get to the location.

In addition, drivers and passengers on GrabChat beta are seeing a significant reduction in ride cancellations, compared to users who are not yet on GrabChat, by enabling a more seamless pickup process. With GrabChat, drivers can communicate their estimated arrival times without leaving the app screen, while passengers are able to receive more responsive feedback and communicate their whereabouts.

It is very important for us passengers to be able to communicate with driver and give directions regarding the exacr location and how far it is from the destination without having to spend anything. This is a very good innovation from Grab and I expect more features like these in the future to assure safety and communication between Grab drivers and passenger.

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