Performance VS Looks: Which One Do You Lean To?


Performance VS Looks

Although traffic is perpetually heavy in Metro Manila, plenty of people still prefer to purchase a car in this country. After all, owning a car can come in handy during emergencies. When it comes to purchasing a car, different people consider various factors. More than checking the universal muffler or a gas mileage of a particular vehicle, most people check the performance and looks before buying a car. But which of the two do people really prefer?

Performance VS Looks

Appearance Matters

According to the J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Study, the exterior design of a vehicle is one of reasons why an individual purchases a car. As a matter of fact, it ranked 3rd in the list of most cited reasons why people buy a certain vehicle. Meanwhile, vehicle performance is in the 7th place. The study showed that most people really put more importance on a vehicle’s appearance instead of performance. Truly, most people think that owning a car is cool and the more visually appealing their vehicles are, the more valuable they become. The trade-in value of a car can also be determined based on its appearance. If your car looks good, it may worth twice as much as a vehicle that is more mechanically sound but looks neglected.

Performance VS Looks

Car Modification

Some people put more importance on their vehicles’ looks because they can always modify them to enhance their performance anyway. Car modification is a way of customizing a car by altering some of its parts in order to upgrade and enhance the vehicle’s performance. They can change the car’s shocks, springs, and chassis braces, add a larger capacity turbo, replace spark plugs, install sway bars, and more to improve the performance of their cars. There are so many ways of modifying a car but the thing is, one should think carefully before changing anything because it may put your car’s insurance at risk.

Performance VS Looks

Go for the Performance

Try check various cars’ purchasing guides and you’ll see that a lot of them suggest that you ponder a specific vehicle’s performance, next to its quality, and the dealer instead of the looks. Performance often deals with speed as well as handling and owning a car with smooth handling is undoubtedly incomparable. Others will say that cars with better performance can be pricey but plenty of car enthusiasts would argue that high performance vehicles are worth the money. These cars are fun to drive and their designs reflects their functions. Although high-performance cars are likely to consume more fuel, the durability and the reliability that they offer can really save you a lot of money on repairs and upgrades. They also have more reasonable insurance cost. In addition, it is cheaper to work on a car’s exterior – like painting it, buying new windshield wipers, and such – than car modification. As prominent writer, Amanda Hocking once said, “being liked for the way you looked is worse than not being liked at all”. Obviously she’s not talking about cars, but still, it sends a message that looks is not everything. Working with a product is always joy vs. frustration and cars with good performance are more likely to make you happy instead of frustrated.

Most people think that a car’s physical appearance is more important than its performance. However, it is actually the other way around. In the end, you should choose a vehicle that can take you from point A to B as comfortably and easily as possible. Also, being a responsible driver is more vital than having an amazing car.

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