Philippines: Telecom Needs to Secure at least 25 Permits to Construct One Cell Site



Globe Telecom Chief Technology and Information Officer and Chief Strategy Officer Gil Genio (extreme left) underscores the need for government support in developing telco infrastructure and harnessing the full potential of the ICT industry during a Philippine Trade Summit panel discussion organized by the British Chamber of Commerce Philippines.

Genio emphasized that while Globe is ramping up network investments, government support is critical in rationalizing the permitting process for telecommunication infrastructure such as cell sites and fiber cables, claiming Globe needs to secure at least 25 permits to construct one cell site.


Philippines lagging in terms of average LTE speed

This can probably solve the issue of very slow internet speeds in some areas if these cell sites will be placed early without the need of tedious requirements and help in solving slow connections in mobile

“At the minimum, we get four permits from the Department of Health each time we put up a cell site. This ensures our facilities adhere to global health standards. These radiation-safety certificates should allay concerns over alleged health hazard that most HOAs are concerned about. If we really want first-world internet connectivity, we should be able to provide reliable internet services in every home at least within the metropolis,” said Globe General Counsel Atty. Froilan Castelo said.

The radiation-safety certificates issued by DOH are based on guidelines issued by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) on maximum human exposures to radio frequency fields, Castelo explained.

“It is quite ironic that homes of big businessowners and entrepreneurs do not have internet connection only because their HOAs refuse to allow telcos in,” added Castelo.

            He said that getting the permission of the HOAs is a major hurdle in building a cell site. “Even if we present permits and certificates from the DOH, we still need to undergo a long and tedious process. We have to get a barangay permit, appear in public hearings, win the referendum before we are allowed to build a cell site in any exclusive village,” he said.

Genio is joined in the panel by (from left) Samie Lim, Chairman Emeritus, Blims Lifestyle Group, Senen Perlada, Department of Trade and Industry export marketing bureau director; Mike Toledo, Head of MVP Group of Companies Media Bureau; and Cielito Habito Chief of Party, USAID Trade-Related Assistance for Development (TRADe) Project, who was the event’s moderator.

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