Tips To Prevent Battery Explosion


Tips To Prevent Battery Explosion

Have you ever heard of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 incident? Yes, even phone batteries explode. It is dangerous especially since phone batteries have the same chemical properties as conventional batteries that make them likely to catch fire when they burst. When that happens, do your best to qualm the fire and take your phone in an IPhone repair shop in Los Angeles or wherever you may live.

Exploding batteries can either be the fault of the owner or the company, but it is mostly the latter. The manufacturer should’ve made sure that no explosion must happen. This event is the consequence of competition of mobile companies with each other. They push technology to the limit and as the screens get bigger and phones become more powerful, it is a given that they need more energy to function properly. However, many seem unwilling to give up the battery life or charging speed.

To avoid further incidents like the one with the Note 7’s, here are some tips on how you can prevent your phone’s battery from exploding:

Tips To Prevent Battery Explosion

Don’t Leave Your Device in Hot Areas

When charging, make sure that the area around your phone is well-ventilated. A hot place, like under the sunshine or close to any heat source, will make your phone’s battery hotter than it is. A well-ventilated place will help the phone disperse the heat as it charges. Also, do not use the phone while charging because the battery will be damaged by low or high voltage. In addition to that, stop charging your phone if it becomes too hot. Let it cool down before charging again.

Tips To Prevent Battery Explosion

Charge Your Battery Appropriately

Are you the type of person who charges at 85%? Try to minimize that habit. It is better to plug your phone in when the battery reaches 50% or below. Constant charging will decrease your battery’s life so try to curb in your paranoia and charge when the battery’s life is low.

Tips To Prevent Battery Explosion

Use Original Batteries and Chargers

To avoid any unfortunate incidents, use the manufacturer’s original battery and charger. If you are using a phone with a USB Type port or Quick Charge, stick with the cable that came in the box. If ever it malfunctions, buy from well-known replacement brands. Never, ever buy products just because they are inexpensive.

Tips To Prevent Battery Explosion

Don’t Charge Your Phone In Bed

Yes, there are times you want to watch a video or go over your social accounts before sleeping but the last thing you want to happen is rolling on your phone and making it overheat. If you want to charge your phone while you sleep, use a power bank and put it on your bedside table. Also, don’t charge your phone under the pillow unless you don’t mind your phone to heat up and the battery to bloat up.

If you noticed the battery to be bloated or swollen, unplug the phone and remove the battery, if user removable. If not, don’t touch the battery or attempt to dispose it in your conventional trash. Always get rid of batteries at authorized facilities or electronic retailers that offer battery recycling services.

Tips To Prevent Battery Explosion

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