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Uber’s Cool New Security Feature Selfie Real-Time ID Check




Uber Security Feature Selfie Real-Time ID Check

Who says selfies are just for fun?! At Uber, selfies are part of a new safety feature called Real-Time ID Check which uses driver selfies at the time they accept a rider to ensure they are in fact the driver on file with that Uber account.

Here’s how it works:

  • Drivers are asked periodically to take a selfie in the Uber app before they accept rides.
  • Uber then uses Microsoft’s Cognitive Service to instantly compare this photo to the one corresponding with the account on file.
  • If the two photos don’t match, the account is temporarily blocked while we look into the situation.

In addition to the selfie feature, here are a few other innovative safety features you can find at Uber:

Dangerous Driver Prevention:

      Uber uses GPS and smartphone technology to detect and prevent dangerous driving behavior such as fast acceleration and hard breaking.

Driver Identification:

      Riders receive their driver’s name, photo and vehicle information to ensure they get into the right car with the right driver.


    Let’s riders share their journey on a map with friends and family to alert them of their status and ETA at their destination.

Uber is constantly developing and testing features and functionality to prevent and reduce risks and keep riders and drivers safe and secure.

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Uber vs GrabCar: The Street Match




Uber vs GrabCar

Here in the Philippines, a Toyota Altis is one of the cars that can fetch you when ask for a four-seater on Uber. Transport network companies, such as Uber and GrabCar, are gaining popularity in Metro Manila because they’ve turned out more convenient than regular taxis.

Commuters face the same problems when trying to hail a taxi. Cab drivers refuse passengers, the cabs are dilapidated and smells funky, muggers pretending to be cab drivers, and tricking the passenger into paying more than they should. It’s very frustrating to deal with regular cab drivers, which is why people now prefer taking out their smartphones and booking an Uber or GrabCar to fetch them and take them to their destination.

Here are some of the differences between the services and prices of regular cabs, GrabCar, and Uber

Rate Taxi Uber GrabCar
Base rate P30 P40 P30
Distance P3.50/500m P5.70/km P12
Time P3.50/90s waiting P2/minute No charge

You can see from the figures above that the fares cut it pretty close. One can’t tell which one is cheapest since it all really depends on the traffic situation. Uber might have the lowest charge per kilometer, but they charge P2.00 a minute while waiting, while taxis charge P7.00 per kilometer, and charge P3.50 per a minute and a half of waiting. GrabCar, however doesn’t charge for waiting time but they do charge P12.00 per kilometer.

Taxis still can provide the cheapest fare unless they charge you for a fixed deal, which is why some people prefer booking an Uber or GrabCar ride even though it’s a little more expensive. Commuters now don’t mind paying more if they get the convenience they need, which is usually just a car with a driver who can take them wherever they want.


Some of the services and features of Uber and GrabCar.

Feature and service Uber GrabCar
Shares info about driver (name and phone number), car (plate number and ETA)
Electronic payment (debit or credit card)
Supports cash payment
New cars
Split fare option
Rating option for customer feedback
Promos and discounts

Uber though, mostly operates in highly urbanized areas such as offices complexes and business districts, which is why they’re not as available as GrabCar. GrabCar is also planning on expanding to Cebu and Davao.

These two transport services have premium services too, which are Uber Black and GrabCar+, which let you travel in style (or basically, just classier and more expensive cars). Uber Black’s base fare is P90.00, the waiting time is P2.00 per minute, and charges P12.00 per kilometer. GrabCar+’s base fare is also P90.00, and charges P20.00 per kilometer.

However, it’s important to note that these serves have surging prices (for Uber) and Rush Hour Rate (for GrabCar) during peak hours where prices can go up to three times the standard rate for Uber, and twice for GrabCar.

With this comparison we can see why people opt to use these private services, and they’re more satisfied with their better service.

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How to become an Uber Driver in Cebu (Step by Step) and Get Account Activated in ONE DAY



sign up

How to become an Uber Driver in Cebu
Uber is a technology platform that is evolving the way the world moves. By seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through their apps, they make cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for riders and more business for drivers. From our founding in 2009 to our launches in over 460 cities today, Uber’s rapidly expanding global presence continues to bring people and their cities closer. In the Philippines, Uber aims to help solve one of the biggest challenges being faced by cities in the metro




  • To drive with Uber your vehicle must be 2008 or newer, and be a mid-size or full-size sedan that comfortably seats 4-8 passengers.


  • You must have a valid Professional Driver’s License, PNP Clearance, and NBI Clearance.


  • All Uber partners must apply with the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) as a Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS).Refer here for more information




Register an Account

Enter your

  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone (Mobile)
  • Password (Remeber this)
  • City (type Cebu, it will automatically search)


How to become an Uber Driver in Cebu


They have different options depending on the partnership type you choose

  • UberBLACK – You are a professional chauffer with a commerciall license and commercial auto insurance You vehicle is a black sedan, down car, crossover SUV that comfortably seats 4 passengers, or a full-size SUV hat comfortably seats at least 6 passengers.


  • Partner OPerator wit Own Vehicle – You have no plans of driving or driving and are managing a fleet of drivers and the vehicle being used is model 2013 or newer , and under your name


  • Partner Driver with Someone Else’s Vehicle – The vehicle you plan to drive model is 2013 or newer, is under someone else’s name (e.g. relative, spouse, friend, or company), yo umay also add drivers to your account.


  • Partner Driver without Vehicle – You don’t have access to a vehicle and you need help in securing a vehicle that is 2013 or newer.


  • Partner Driver with Own Vehicle – The vehicle you plan to drive is model 2013 or newer, your own and under your name. you may also add drivers to your acount


How to become an Uber Driver in Cebu


Scanned your documents and save it in a file and upload these documents, ensure all information is readable and not blurry. Make sure that all corners of the documents are visible. Your document may not be accepted if it cannot be read properly or all four corners are not visible.



Agree to the terms after uploading the documents,

How to become an Uber Driver in Cebu


If you are having trouble scanning and uploading the documents, you can submit it personally in their Uber Cebu Office located in 2QUAD building (beside PIONEER BUILDING)



How to become an Uber Driver in Cebu


STEP 4: UBER Driver OnBoarding/ Orientation


Once you’ve completed the requirements, you can go to any of Uber’s office for Driver Orientation and Onboarding. Below are the schedules or you can refer to this ONBOARDING SCHEDULE. After this, Uber will do a background check and results will be released via e-mail after 7 business days.







Visit them anytime between Monday and Friday 10:00AM – 3:00PM at 6F, 2 Quad Building, Cardinal Rosales Avenue, Cebu City with these four (4) EASY documents* and we will help you process them on the spot:
   1. Professional Driver’s License
   2. OR/CR or Sales Invoice of your vehicle/s *
   3. NBI Clearance
   4. Notarized Special Power of Attorney** (download here)

* OR/CR or Sales Invoice must be under the name of the person applying for TNVS.
** If you are not the vehicle owner you will be needing the Special Power of Attorney between Uber Partner and Vehicle Owner (download here) together with the proof of Filipino Citizenship of the vehicle owner (accepted docs: NSO Birth Certificate, Passport or Driver’s License)




  • Thursday– Friday: 1:00 – 3pm (except non-working holidays)
  • Saturday: 10am (except non-working holidays)

Important Notes:

  • For faster transaction, UPLOAD all the driver document requirements first before going in for Onboarding.
  • If you haven’t uploaded yet, remember to bring a valid Professional Driver’s License or government-issued photo ID.

How to become an Uber Driver in Cebu (Step by Step) and Get Account Activated in ONE DAY

How to become an Uber Driver in Cebu

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Cebu Free Ice Cream for Uber Ice Cream on July 15 themed“ Indulge Together”




Cebu Free Ice Cream for Uber Ice Cream

Uber is bringing its annual celebration of the world’s favorite frozen treat to Cebu. For the first time, Cebuano riders, can take part in one of the world’s largest ice cream socials — Uber Ice Cream

This year’s Uber Ice Cream will be held in over 400 cities in 69 countries this July 15, and over one million people are expected to join in on the fun, that’s why this year’s theme is “Indulge Together.”

Cebu Free Ice Cream for Uber Ice Cream

This year Uber partnered with Unilever to create magical ice cream delivery experiences by delivering Magnum Infinity ice cream bars to riders in the Queen City of the South.

Cebu is the second metropolitan area in the Philippines for Uber to operate in. Uber started providing safe, comfortable, and convenient rides in December 2015. Just last week, the ridesharing application made available the cash payment option to all riders in Cebu, making it the first city in the Philippines with 100% roll out of the aforementioned payment option.



Cebu Free Ice Cream for Uber Ice Cream

“Metro Manila has been part of the Uber Ice Cream celebration for the past two years and we’re excited for Cebu to be part of this global celebration,” shares Laurence Cua, Uber Philippines’ general manager. “The love for ice cream is universal, and we’re excited to invite Cebuanos to join the fun and excitement of Uber Ice Cream.”

To enjoy this special treat, riders must simply choose the Ice Cream option on the Uber app between 11am to 3pm, input their location, and wait to receive the ice cream within minutes. Runners will deliver four bars of Magnum ice cream for a discounted rate of just P199 and together with the delectable frozen treat every delivery comes with a surprise.Cebu Free Ice Cream for Uber Ice Cream

Cebu Free Ice Cream for Uber Ice CreamCebu Free Ice Cream for Uber Ice Cream

Uber Ice Cream will be available in the following areas within Metro Cebu:

● Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu City

● Cebu IT Park, Cebu City

Uber is also encouraging everyone to take a few minutes off their day to enjoy the ice cream with their friends and family. To make the event more memorable, participants can take a groupie while enjoying their Magnum bars and share it through their social media pages and use the hashtag #UberIceCream.

As an additional treat, new riders who sign up for an account now can use the promo code UBERTREATSCEBU to get a free trip worth P200. Riders can also use the said amount to order ice cream on July 15. This promo is valid on July 15, 2016.

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