2 Technologies That Architects Can’t Live Without


2 Technologies That Architects

Many technological innovations are definitely improving the quality of life. Future advances in technology promise to bring a better living like no other. That is why several building design services in the Philippines have already integrating technology in their craft to provide a high quality of urban life and promote sustainable living for people.

Today, technology plays a huge role in enhancing how the architecture industries produce and provide homes and buildings that goes beyond just the basic form and function principle. Several digital tools and technological techniques are being utilized by various architects to enhance their design process, produce complex visualization of their design, and improve communication with their co-workers and clients, among others. Let’s take a look at the two essential technologies that are certainly beneficial for architects.

2 Technologies That Architects


One of the important innovations in architecture industry is the development on how architects design and present their creative ideas. This innovation was made possible through the invention of different computer software, such as AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is computer-aided design software that enables designers to electronically create and modify their design. This software has efficient tools that can accurately present drafter’s idea. With the use of AutoCAD, an architect can fully execute ideas, such as color effects, design, fabrics, spaces, and styles that are essential in designing residential and commercial buildings. Moreover, CAD has two types—two-dimensional system (2D) and three-dimensional system (3D). 2D CAD projects the length and width of an object to be made. On the other hand, 3D CAD can show various angles of an object, such as depth, dimension, and diameter, among others.

Since its invention, AutoCAD has been an essential drawing tool for architects to design and modify images of their innovative ideas. It is also used in a wide range of industries, such as architecture and engineering fields. Through this software, it is easier for any drafter to produce and edit a proposed concept. Hence, AutoCAD has also changed the conventional way of technical drawing and made it easier for architects to propose an idea.

2 Technologies That Architects

3D Technology

With all the technological advancements, 3D technology is one of the biggest and beneficial creations in the world of technology. This innovative technology is being in various fields, especially in the architecture industry. Once such is the use of 3D printing to present a scale model of an object.

3D technology is more complex and highly realistic compared to its counterpart. For example, 3D CAD can provide the different angles, such as depth, width, and height of an object to be constructed. This type of technology can give more accurate dimensional information.

Today, 3D architecture has definitely transformed the way home and buildings are being constructed. Hence, 3D technology is definitely contributing to the rapid growth of the architecture industry.

All of the creative professionals from their respective field are constantly looking on how to innovate their craft. Two technologies mentioned above are just few of the several innovations that help architects in giving their best. Hence, the possibilities in giving excellently-built structures are endless through such innovative technological inventions.


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