7 Brain Hacks to Get to the Dean’s List

brain hack

Students at the top engineering schools in the Philippines have to be pretty smart to be able to get in and stay in the school. Students have different ways of studying and getting the info their teachers are saying to stay in their heads.

brain hack

It’s difficult, but they have to if they want to pass that next exam. If you’re the type who can’t seem to get anything in their head, here are a few tips you can use to get that lesson in your head and help you on your journey to the dean’s list.

1. YouTube it.
Stay away from your favorite YouTubers with this one. There are so many videos on YouTube that’s more than just ice challenges and cat videos. There are also videos that crash course you on many different topics. One channel called CrashCourse can explain to you big topics using short videos that are easy to understand. There’s bound to be a topic that you’re looking for there.

2. Colorful notes
Makeover your notes. When your notes are decorated with colros and visually appealing drawings, it’ll be easier for you to recall what you’ve written down if you associate them with a doodle or a color. Besides, this can also awaken your inner creative self!

3. Say it again
Read your notes aloud. Doesn’t matter if you’re alone or with a friend. If you want, you can read it to your cat or your dog. Another thing you can do is read and absorb as much as you can, then explain it to someone else. This reinforces the information on you.


4. Music to study by
Choose a soundtrack that’s perfect for you, or something that can narrow your focus down on what you’re doing. It’s different for every person. Some like listening to video game or movie soundtracks, and some like some wild genres of music such as metal or noise pop.


5. No more all-nighters
Your brain needs to sleep. That’s it. If you sleep, the brain can form new members and retain new ones it just made. So if you don’t sleep, you’ll just forget whatever you read or tried to study on the night before. Get a good rest every night.


6. Talk to your professors
If you didn’t understand something, ask them to repeat what they just said, or you can set an appointment with them and maybe you can get more insight on the topic.


7. Teach
Much like the reading your notes aloud, teaching someone what you’ve learned will reinforce what you know. It also doesn’t matter who you explain the topic to. Can be your cat or your dog, but you can also ask your friend or even your mom to spare five minutes so that you can teach them what you’re trying to study. You can also sign up for volunteering to teach underclassmen.
Don’t cram all the time, though! It’s better for you to read in advance and have a little recitation grade rather than read last minute.

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