Top 5 Mobile Apps for Movie Addicts

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We all watch movies. Some watch them for entertainment whereas some watch them for motivational purposes. Whatever maybe the purpose, most of us are addicted to movies. Traditionally, watching a movie was something which could only be done by going to the theatres or buying expensive DVDs. Even on the televisions, you’re not free to watch movies of your own wish and you watch what the channel operator wants you to. So for solving this problem we have come up with a list of applications that lets you watch movies on your mobile devices irrespective of the time place and situation.






1. iflix– Official Download Link
Simple user interface, an array of movies to choose from and a number of astonishing features are the reasons why iFlix is on the top of the list. You can choose from the quality of the video and to download the videos to watch later. If you’re fine with your internal media player, you can watch your movies with that and if you don’t have a media player, you have an option to watch it in app’s inbuilt player.


2. Netflix – Official Download Link
Netflix has the biggest library of movies to choose from. From 90s classics to the newly released ones, almost every movie is present in this application. One thing that makes it different from other players in the market is the ‘no commitment’ feature which gives you the freedom of cancelling the subscription anytime you want to. So you won’t have to unnecessarily pay the subscription charges till a specific date.


3. Popcorn Time – Official Download Link
Popcorn time has a user interface which makes browsing and watching movies very easy. The movies in this application are arranged in a systematic category with their name and genre. So if you’re someone who’s looking for a mobile app for movie, install this application and grab your popcorns.


4. Cinemabox – Official Download Link
Cinemabox is an application that has been made by the creators of PlayBox HD. This application supports chromecast so you can not only enjoy your movies on your mobile devices but also on your big screens. You will have to download it in the form of an apk and later install it because it is not available in the app store. Make sure your ‘unknown settings’ option is turned on. You can turn it on by going to settings, then security and at last turning it on by sliding the horizontal button.


5. Viewster – Official Download Link
Viewster can be downloaded through Playstore or as an apk. This app supports movie streaming on mobile devices as well as on the big screens with the support of chromecast. One thing that makes this application different from the rest of the apps in the list is that it does not feature mainstream hit bollywood/Hollywood movies and instead promotes the hidden gems and underrated movies that not much people have heard of.

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